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5/17/11 1:55 P

In boot camp, anytime a drill sergeant would see a soldier doing "something", s/he would have that soldier "drop and give me 10". Jillian Micheals is known to be brutal...she could have been my drill sergeant, literally. So any time Jillian Michaels posts to her Facebook page drop and give her 10.

Here is what you do...

1. "Like" Jillian Michaels page on FB if you haven't already.
2. Count the number of times she's posted since your last post.
3. Do the corresponding number of push ups.
4. Then post as your status how many you did. (i.e. Spark20)
She just posted twice so I did 20.

I've never seen her post more than 5 times per day. Easy....Let's go!

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