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6/11/09 5:02 P

My settings are right, and I work my butt off with proper form. I'm sure of it. You burned 400 calories on level one? That seems very high for a 25 minute workout.

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LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
6/11/09 4:56 P

check you heart rate monitor.. make sure your settings are right...
I just did 30 shred.. level one.. and burned over 400 calories... but I put alot into the jumping jacks.. jump rope and such.. I really push that part... Just keep with it.. form is important... Keep going..Kelly

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6/11/09 3:53 P

I don't think so - one of the girls in the video does beginners versions of the moves.

6/10/09 10:36 P

Is Shed to difficult for someone of my size? Im 309.

6/10/09 9:20 P

I have been doing the shred for about 15 days no weight loss but I'm getting toned but I want to lose weight! I'm going to stick with it for the 30 days and next week I'll add cardio 2 to 3 days a week because maybe I haven't loss because the shred is all I'm doing

ADAMSS01 Posts: 49
6/2/09 8:55 P

I am on day 2 of level 1. I am really enjoying the workout, it's hard but also doable. I'm hoping to lose inches fast!!

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
5/27/09 12:36 P

I haven't been doing it lately unfortunately, but Jillian always gave me great results. Last summer I hit a plateau and when I began the Shred again, my weight finally dropped again.

5/27/09 12:25 P

I'm glad to see there are men out there who've tried the Shred too! I want to get my husband to try it - he's an amazing runner but hates strength training so I thought maybe the Shred would be a good introduction :)

ROOTYK Posts: 33
5/26/09 7:34 P

I am into my 14th day of the 30 day shred. I LOVE IT!! I have lost 6 pounds so far and I can see my waistline slimming. More importantly, i don't get winded as quickly. I did level 1 for 7 days and have ben doing level 2 for the past 6 days (missed one day). I love this workout so much because I can always find at least 20 minutes to work out. I am looking to up my weight before moving on to the next level. Hoping to get the most out of level 2.

5/14/09 10:00 A

Stephchern: Im now on over a month of this torture and have bounced from level one,two and even three but I stick with What Ive been doing is running 2 miles in the am and then do Jillian in the afternoon. Or i go to the gym and do 2 miles on the elliptical and some weights then do Jillian in the afternoon. I only do her dvd once a day because of my morning excercise and 4 times out of the week I go to the gym at night for weights. As far as results I have officially lost 10 pounds but Im not sure if its from her workout or all the other stuff im doing. Im proud of you and everyone else that does her workout.

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5/11/09 5:18 P

I do either no more trouble zones or banish fat boost metabolism after. emoticon

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
5/11/09 5:13 P

Yeah, if you want to burn the level 1 2x ina row...haha

SHELLEY81 Posts: 2,227
5/11/09 5:13 P


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5/11/09 5:11 P

Wow, I had no idea the weight made THAT much of a difference. I knew it did, but I just didn't realize the extent. It kind of makes me wish I'd bought my heart rate monitor 2 years ago! Ok, I'll stop worrying about it. Thanks!

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
5/11/09 4:58 P

Jolinar, it could be that you are pretty fit already and you are lighter too. The fitter and lighter you are, the fewer calories you will burn, so you have to work even harder to burn more calories. That's a good thing!

I use a Polar F6 also.

SHELLEY81 Posts: 2,227
5/11/09 4:56 P

Calories burned are also based on how much you weigh. You weigh less than many others who have posted such as myself who weighs about 30 pounds more than you and therefore will burn more calories per hour for the same activity and same heart rate/exertion. Just focus on how you feel when you complete the workout...if you aren't feeling as though you got a good workout, try the next level or upping your weight. Best wishes!

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5/11/09 4:54 P

So soon, after doing it only 4 times? I increased the weights to 10 pounds for flys and rows, but I can't do more than 3 pounds for the shoulder work. Maybe I'll bump that up to 5 but I already feel like dying with the 3s LOL

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5/11/09 4:50 P

Maybe you need to move up to the next level...??

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5/11/09 4:44 P

Ugh! Why am I burning so few calories when I shred? I did level 1 today (for the 4th time) and I only burned 157 calories, according to my HRM (PolarF6). I am not "phoning it in" either LOL

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
5/11/09 4:20 P


I am so happy that you said this and admitted it. I used 30-Day Shred as my first workout outside of pure cardio gyms. I thought I was pretty fit, but this also kicked my butt and it got me interested in strength training. I moved on and am now doing P90x, but I use this still in my rotations.

The strength segments of all three levels are pretty good if you do them all back to back and skip the cardio and abs sections..I do this sometimes and use heavier weights. It will kill you.

I burn about 220-230 per level doing it the normal way..

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5/11/09 3:47 P

I've done 5 days of JM, and I tried doing the video and then doing some time on the elliptical but my legs couldn't get it done. I usually do 30 mins, but only made it for 10. I think what i'm going to try doing tonight is doing my normal 30 mins on the elliptical first and then doing the JM 30 day shred. I like the video and I feel like it's doing me some good, but by the time i'm done with it I too pooped to do anything else!

JENNCUPP Posts: 96
5/11/09 3:36 P

Stephchern: I did level one and two and started three but it killed my knees so that's when I gave up. I was then doing level one or two with other videos until I got my gowear fit then I really gave it up!

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5/11/09 3:05 P

I made fun of my wife wanting this silly DVD. I respect Jillian off the biggest loser TV show, but I thought this was a gimic. My bought the DVD yesterday and challenged me to try it with her. I can run for 90 minutes, complete a triathlon and lift a lot of weights, but my first workout kicked my butt! I would esitmate 300 calories based on my weight. I had a heart rate monitor on and I couldn't believe my heart rate was where it needed to be (about 165 beats per minute). I challenge any guy to try this DVD out. I am doing it in addition to other exercise each day now!

SHELLEY81 Posts: 2,227
5/11/09 3:01 P

Don't get dicouraged about the "low amount" of cals burned. First, it's about 200 cals in 20 minutes, thats 600 cals an hour, which is pretty darn good. Also, think about the "afterburn" effect. When doing high intensity circuit training and intervals your body keeps on burning calories, even after you're done showering. emoticon

STEPHCHERN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/11/09 2:01 P

JENNCUPP - How many days into the JM 30 day shred had you done and still not noticed any changes?

JENNCUPP Posts: 96
5/9/09 10:19 A

I just got a gowear fit and was so excited the first day I did the shred with it on thinking I was going to see some high numbers. Not so- It was just over 200 for me. I was shocked because I lay on the floor half dead when I'm done. I found though that I burn the same calories doing the 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton (a little over 100 calories per 10 min). I never would have guessed that and his don't make me want to die. I did see a little bit of a higher afterburn after hers but not as much as I would expect.
Since I've discovered that I've given up on the shred and have been checking out which has free videos of all different types and lengths and have been trying lots of those out and building my own workouts based on the results I see on the gowear fit. If I'm going to work as hard as Jillian makes me work then I want to see results and I just wasn't.

VASKANIA Posts: 25
5/9/09 4:41 A

My HRM gives me around 250 for the cardio. I think it's because during the strength training portion your heart rate is recovering and coming down so you don't burn as much during strength/abs.

I'll admit I don't give the cardio portion my all because I haven't done any 'jumping' style moves in a very long time so they kill me right now (I do 90min/3x per week of cardio to offset).

FAITHRT Posts: 400
5/9/09 4:07 A

it seems like the general idea is that the level one 30 day shred only burns 260 cals. it feels like it is burning thousands of calories. holy **** that is discouraging. i hope that is incorrect. i have been doing it almost everyday. sometimes my body refuses to do it and i have to take a break... does anyone else have this problem?

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5/5/09 4:53 P


I'm on day 4 of this workout and on level one. It really kicked my butt the first couple times I did it.

I was wondering if you were having any results yet???

4/23/09 5:33 P

Wow, how exciting is this!! Ive been on sparkpeople since Feb and never had found this message board. I just happened to google for calorie info on the 30 day shred and it brought me here and i have to say im glad. I can talk to you all about this new workout i have been doing now for 13 days. Blessing to each of you who are doing this workout that But guess what? We can do this and be successful in our endeavor to a new us!!!

4/18/09 10:32 P

I think 200-230 is a good figure. Is anyone signed up on Jillian's website that could possibly ask her for a low, medium, and high intensity for level 1,2,3?

GETFIT_4LIFE Posts: 1,023
1/21/09 4:11 P

I'm on level 1 and burned 202 calories (i did cheat a little. She said no breaks and i took 2 20 sec breaks. She is not a joke.) I probably would've burned more had i not taken those breaks but 200 something calories burned sounds about right. emoticon

ONG3466 Posts: 481
1/20/09 6:36 P

I track it as vigorous calisthenics, it says 167 cals for me. My heart rate monitor said 150 cals so I assume the calisthenics is closest to accurate...

1/20/09 5:53 P

I love this video. I have been doing it off and on ,but am going to do it for 30 days straight starting yesterday. Jillian is great.

LYDIA72 Posts: 162
1/14/09 6:41 A

The most accurate way to find out how many calories you are burning during a workout is to invest in an HRM. It's great for all workouts (except for strength training). I find it a very important part of my workout. Do your research. There are many out there. A lot aren't worth buying. I have a Polar F6 and LOVE IT. I sug gest getting on amazon and looking at reviews to choose an HRM for you. Polar is an excellent brand for HRM's. And it is safe to use in the pool. You can't do that with others. I'm a water aerobics instructor so that was very important to have.

I find the calories my HRM says I burned and what SP tracker says is quite different. A huge difference by the end of the week.

An HRM is the best way to go.

GRADLY Posts: 835
1/14/09 6:23 A

Thanks you guys. I feel like I need to get an HRM.

FIRSTBB24 Posts: 572
8/19/08 10:29 P

Yes i did it for 30 days and i lost only 5lbs from it and i did it like i was supossed to..its been harder for me to lose the weight because i'm getting smaller which sucks.

8/19/08 9:59 P

Hey guys,

I am into day 3 of "shred" and along with WATP and Cardio Jam, been working hard. I have lost 0 lbs BUT I feel such a difference and jeans are starting to fit better *YES*. Is anyone doing or have done the shred for 30 consecutive days? If so, what are/were your results?

RILES5505 Posts: 423
8/12/08 11:30 A

Sorry to come late to the party, but I am doing level one and I am in-between on the intensity and do not always do weights, I have been just logging it here as low impact aerobics, should I do it as the circuit training?? Thanks so much!

8/11/08 1:11 P

Thanks guys.

I'm 4 days into Level 2. WOW. My husband and I are doing that, then do 2 miles on the treadmill and walk up (2 stairs at a time) to the 21st floor of our building. Saw some people I haven't seen this weekend and everyone was saying how much weight I lost. I haven't lost that much weight but I think I've lost inches. My clothes are big on me and my jeans.. well I'm gonna need some new Donna Karen's soon.

This is really good stuff. Tough but most good things are tough.

LIZ514 SparkPoints: (8,355)
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8/5/08 11:58 P

I find that when I start out doing the levels I usually burn around 260-280 and then the more I do it the less I burn. Probably around 230-250ish. And then once I move on to the next level it goes back up to the higher end. I've seen so much of a change in my upper body compared to what the scale says. I wouldn't go by scale alone but what you look like. I think to lose the 20lbs in 30 you have to follow her diet plan to, which I haven't seen. But realistically you probably wont. Most people if they are lucky can burn 2lbs a week. So thats only 8lbs in 30 days. I'll tell you one thing, level 3 is for sure a butt kicker and you will see some sort of definition somewhere. I can see the outline of where my abs should be under my fat suit layer! Ha!

8/5/08 5:53 P

SHELDAMAC, as previous posters said "circuit training" in the calorie tracker is pretty acurate. usually withing 10-20 cals for me compared to my hrm.

8/5/08 5:48 P

Hi Guys,

I really need to know how many calories are being burned when you do the 30 Day Shred. I'm working on having a deficit everyday and this would help. Please let me know if anyone knows.


6/23/08 8:17 A

Thanks for all the help, guys! I gotta get me one o' those HRMs! :)

RINGSTWO Posts: 4,757
6/20/08 6:07 P

I use my heart rate monitor and I burn usually 260 cals sometimes more. When I do this workout I'm not at my best or strongest so I know I could burn more cals if I put my ALL into it. On level two I did see an increase in cals burned...292 or so. I have not done level 3 yet. Hope that helps ya out.

THEALEXIS SparkPoints: (16,168)
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Posts: 1,479
6/20/08 5:49 P

I used my tracker watch that I bought off of eBay. You input the date, time, your age, your gender, & your weight. It has a timer (in seconds) and a minutes tracker (for your exercise). Depending on which you prefer, you can hit a button that will tell you your current heart rate (before, during, or after exercise) or depending on which level you choose, it will tell you how many calories you burned for the amount of time you let the minutes tracker run. For JM's 30 Day Shred workouts, I always left it on level 1.

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DDOLLURU Posts: 59
6/20/08 5:30 P

i input it as circuit training as well. I have tracked it with my heart rate monitor twice and I burn 220 - 230 calories and I'm 144 lbs. so i think Sparks calorie tracker is close to accurate.

DBUDDAFLY Posts: 688
6/20/08 5:08 P

I've been tracking calories burned with my HRM. Depending on how much I put into it (and I put in my all), I burn anywhere from 300+ calories. The highest I have tracked was 360. I don't want to give misinformation, but that's what I'm burning.

All in all, the 30 Day Shred is awesome and I have seen some amazing changes.

JETERC Posts: 7
6/20/08 5:05 P

I love/hate this workout! The calories burned during workout that the exercise tracker lists is pretty accurate and pretty impressive for a 20 min workout. I am a stay at home mom with two kids and have tracked my calories burned a few times with my Polar HR monitor. I generally burn about 2500 calories in a typical day, including a workout.

6/20/08 4:59 P

Seriously, this workout breaks me every day. I've seen it to completion once already. I've started over again.

My question is - how man calories am I burning doing her workout?

There's no way it's the 288 that the exercise tracker says for circuit training. I mean, if she's saying you can lose *up to* 20lbs in 30 days...that's 2333 calories you'd need to burn a day in order to achieve that!

Is there any other way of knowing?

How are others who are doing this series tracking their calories burned each day?

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