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MAMA_LIANA Posts: 257
7/5/11 6:14 P

I prefer natural. My favorite thing to do with PB is make PB banana stuffed french toast (with whole wheat bread). It's yummy and it keeps you full for a very long time.

CHEECHEE8 Posts: 101
6/21/11 1:45 A

They taste a little different, but not bad. They are good.

COUNTESS6 SparkPoints: (6,394)
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Posts: 12
6/17/11 8:42 A

I love PB ! Try the Smuckers Natural it only has 1 g of sugars 6 carbs, and 7 protein, fate is just slightly lower than others at 16g, but it is very good.

DJHS121655 Posts: 494
6/15/11 5:27 P

i have been afraid to try the natural pb i do like pb alot and do not want to get something that no one will eat

MYAKAYAH Posts: 9,233
6/14/11 11:36 P

I buy Skippy natural peanut butter because I prefer the taste and only 3 ingredients :)

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KAITMEND SparkPoints: (10,494)
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5/24/11 12:56 P

Go for Peanut Butter & Co. Bee's's sweetened with honey. It contains no cholesterol, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no high-fructose corn syrup. The perfect transitional PB.

Whole Foods carries does Walmart and some other grocery stores - I've found it at my local Ocean State Job Lot as well.

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HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (3,246)
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5/6/11 5:05 A

Jif and Skippy natural is like a slow transition to actual natural nut butter. It still has sugar and palm oil or similar added to it. True natural nut butter is just the nuts or maybe a little salt added.
To me there is not much of a difference in taste from the creamy to natural Skippy. I never tried the Jif natural.

KKSTILES SparkPoints: (6,148)
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Posts: 18
5/5/11 12:20 P

I love peanut butter but hesitate to try the Natural. Is there a difference in taste emoticon

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