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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/19/13 7:13 A

LDHAWKE said it well.

Learning is key to making it a lifelong wellness journey, and not a temporary (someone else makes all the decisions) type. Whether it's JC, WW or something else, you need to know what to eat, how much, and how to balance amounts.

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
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5/19/13 5:50 A

I wish you the best on Jenny Craig but please remember, one day you will get off their food and go out on your own. So please take the time to learn about portion control, cooking your own meals, etc. Hopefully Jenny will teach you those important things once you reach your goal. Good luck to you!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,049)
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5/19/13 5:07 A

I'm glad you found something that works for you right now.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,987
5/19/13 12:08 A

I'm to frugal to ever waste money on Jenny Craig.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 15,982
5/18/13 6:11 P

just finished week one of Jenny. so far so good. amazing what happens when you actual pay attention and do what you should be doing. Whether its Jenny, WW, Sparks etc.

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