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3/22/13 1:39 A

You are quite welcome to vent whenever you feel the need. Strange as it may seem, it can actually be healthy doing that :-)

Just remember, whether you lose weight or not, by making wise choices and using good portion control, and getting the exercise, you are doing the best for your body whether you realize it or not :-)

Kris xx

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3/22/13 12:08 A

Thank you everyone I really not trying to be mean or be rude I don't see that many post about this on Spark and I was just blowing off steam but I just get a little upset and mad at myself that I should be doing better.

I do Vegan diet 5 days a week and the other two I eat whatever I want I try to be conscious about what I eat the other 2 days (sometimes I dont do very well =( I also work out 5 to 6 days a week ( combination of Zumba classes, Step aerobics, and TurboKick). My doctor gave me the okay to do diet and she checked my Thyroid about two weeks ago my levels are normal thankfully. So I decided to get off my birth control (Implanon) which I felt was really preventing me from losing weight (and other issues) it has been about a week since all that weigh in till tomorrow so I am hoping that I see something good on the scale.

Thanks everyone for your feedback :)

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3/21/13 5:09 P

It is quite likely that your friend has been using better wise portion control and choice of foods, and probably some exercise that she hasn't let on about, OR that you haven't picked up on. One point you mentioned is her skipping the occasional lunch - I hope that you don't follow suit - that isn't a way to lose weight or to do it in a healthy fashion.

I am sure that if you weight all your food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker; follow your suggested calorie range; don't UNDEReat or skip meals; swap soda/juice for water (no calories or additives), and get some exercise in, that you will start to see some good results, too! Just remember, tho' - any result is far better than none. Putting your baby into a pushchair and going for exploratory walks is a good way of doing this - if it is cold where you are, just wrap you and your littlie up well or go to an under-cover mall and walk around it.

You mention eating Vegan - IF you are eating this way merely as a means to help you lose weight, then you must realize that even Vegans can be considerably overweight. Too much of a good thing does it, and even vegan food can cause weight issues if you eat too much. I hope, also, that you are getting in the supplements that you will need to accommodate this because otherwise you will be missing out on essential nutrition. It might be worth asking your Dr for a referral to a Dietitian to ensure that you ARE meeting all food bases/nutrients.

Another thing that may be worth considering while you are with your Dr - it might pay to ask for a Thyroid and Diabetes test to be done as well as other bloods (like iron, B12, etc.) Often people have hypothyroidism or Diabetes without realizing it, and this can contribute to weight issues.

Good luck,

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3/21/13 4:20 P

sounds like a tough situation. I have bee struggling with my weight since I was about 14. I have an older sister who was always a size 3-5 while I sat in a stretchy fat size 22-24. she did end up gaining some weight, but now she's losing it, and feeling great and able to wear a size 10 without any problems, while I'm sitting here, having lost 80+ pounds and still NEVER having been in that size at all. It's hard to feel happy for her, especially because she doesn't understand the extent of what it's like to actually be obese.

I will say though. It's helped shape who I am. A very important lesson I have learned through this is never eve EVER compare yourself to the progress of others. I know it's tough, but do be happy for your friend, and know that some day-maybe not tomorrow, but soon, you too will be able to be the success story.

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3/21/13 4:05 P


Even though you don't see your friend doing anything to lose the weight, she probably is doing something. No one loses weight effortlessly. I wish weight loss were that simple, but it isn't.

I don't know your friend, but perhaps she's doing a lot more than she's letting on so that she doesn't lose "face" in your eyes. Even if she's one of those people with an incredibly fast metabolism, she still has to eat right and watch her portions. A bad diet catches up to us all.

I know it's frustrating to seem to be doing everything right and not losing as much as we think we should. But you are losing ! It may be slow, but a loss is still a loss. When will you lose more ? None of us can answer that. Women's bodies do change with pregnancy. Many Spark moms will tell you that losing weight after having the baby hasn't been easy.

Well, it might not be easy, but it isn't impossible. You just need to be more patient. Remember, not only are you trying to lose weight, you have a family to take care of too. That's a lot of work. So, do give yourself more credit for all the different things you have to do during the day on top of trying to lose weight.

There really is no need to feel jealous. Your journey towards good health is different from hers.

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3/21/13 3:35 P

So me and one of my best friends had babies around the same time just two weeks apart. We were pregnant together and I have always been the heavier all our lives. So we went over board in the pregnancy however I didn't gain as much but she did a lot.

Now I have been struggling so hard to lose the weight I have lost 50 pounds in the past before so I know how to eat healthy and exercise (with help of sparkpeople). But have only lost 20 of the 70 I gained (yikes) in the past year and half. She on the other went back to work and she skips on occasion her lunch due to her being busy and is back to her old high school size 10 which is smaller than she was before the pregnancy.

I talked to her yesterday and she was just talking about how she is now a size 10 that she looks so cute in this jeans now I know she was not trying to gloat or be rude she knows I ve been struggling and probably wanted a good job well done said to her but is soooooo hharrrddddd for me to feel happy when I am busting my ass off eating vegan, working out, watching cals etc....
when she does not work out or do anything. aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!

I hate feeling this way I lover her and is my best friend I don't want to be jealous but I cant help to feel angry at myself at her I want to know what to do to stop feeling this way I try to remind myself I am doing this the healthy way blah blah but that only works for a little bit and I go back to being angry and jealous HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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