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12/28/12 12:16 P

If you put JAZZERCISE in the "Search" box at the top of this page, you will find dozens of articles and post about it. Since it is a "brand" business, they might not be able to put routines on here because of copyright, but I'd check YouTube for workouts there.

Also, there is a JAZZERCISE Team with 467 members if you want to join and share information. At the top of the ToolBar is COMMUNITY, click it and down at Spark Teams, click there and in the SEARCH box, put in JAZZERCISE and it will come up. Click "Join."

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12/28/12 10:11 A

I have lost 15 pounds since June and I attribute it to doing jazzercise three times a week and keeping myself on a daily 1350 calorie diet. Is it possible to feature any jazzercise routines on the daily exercise blog? I know there are others who have lost weight by doing this same regiment. Lets share our success stories and our needs.

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