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9/2/13 7:42 P

Thanks for the feedback. I had heard of Zumba Gold, but so far, I haven't been able to find a local class that isn't during work hours.
I did try going to Zumba and adapting it, but the classes I went to just had too many moves that involved twisting the knees. I know there is Zumba I can do, if I can find the right class. I've been to demos that were great, but then the classes end up being different.

I am going to keep looking and trying different things. An auatic center near me even offers aqua Zumba. I can't imagine what it's like, but I think I will check it out.

Thanks again!

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9/2/13 1:18 P


Check your gym for a class called Zumba Gold. That's a zumba class for older adults. It's supposed to be a kinder, gentler version of zumba. It might be a good option for your knee. Also, you could still do regular zumba. You'll just have to be very careful with your knee. Avoid any move that places stress on it. Instead, concentrate on those arm movements. take it easy on your lower body and use your upper body.

I've done zumba with a bunch of different instructors. Some so add some high impact moves, which they aren't supposed to be doing. zumba is supposed to be low impact. so, another thing you might do is try other instructors. you may find a different instructors moves also kinder to your knees.

You could also try a traditional dance class like salsa. Salsa is very popular these days.

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9/2/13 12:05 P

I've never heard of Jazzercise Lite but it's something I would be interested in. I've tom my meniscus (left knee-had surgery) I think doing the firm express and since then I've undergone double knee cap realignment over 6 months ago so nothing high impact for me at all.

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6/13/13 7:43 P

I tore my meniscus doing Zumba, which I loved, but I'm afraid to put my all into now. I'd like to find an alternative dance exercise. A place near me is offering something called Jazzercise Lite. Has anyone tried it? Is it fun and safe for "not-so-great" knees? Is it a good workout?

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