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2/22/13 6:57 P

I'm reading "The Diabetic Diet" by Richard Bernstein MD (he has had type 1 since he was 12 and is 78 now) and I've learned so much about Insulin Resistance and weight loss. I recommend his lectures on YouTube.

Looks like you are serious about your health. emoticon

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1/31/13 10:01 P


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1/31/13 7:59 P

Update: February 1, 2013
The 1st of the month is when I measure:
Lost 6 total inches from my neck, waist and hips.
Lost 6 lbs
Reduced my blood pressure by 5 points on the diastolic, and reduced my resting heart rate by 5 beats per minute.

I can't believe it. My first full month

Sparkpoints = 3,150
Fitness Minutes = 3215

February Goals:
Sparkpoints = 3,000
Fitness Minutes = 3,000

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Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels and looks.
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