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5/19/14 6:25 A

Well done!

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5/18/14 9:52 P

number 9

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1/13/14 9:11 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/12/14 10:07 P

Congrats! If I have to give you one fault, it is when you said "Even messing up". You didn't mess up! Don't ever think that. This is a life style change. You were quick to critisize yourself for eating sweets and "only" doing 3 days of exercise vs 6. Why not praise yourself? Also, I'm sure you have cut back a lot right? Take these steps and be happy with them! Even though you ate sweets and mcdonalds etc, you still exercised and cut back for the week, which means you were still burning calories. Thus, you lost 4 pounds!

It's not about cutting out everything you love and only eating healthy non stop for the rest of your life. Give yourself some wiggle room. You can still eat those foods you love and crave, but like you are already doing, just start cutting back slower and slower. This is only your first week and you've already lost this much, imagine how much you're going to lose in 10 weeks? Keep it up. Praise yourself, your'e doing good.

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1/11/14 6:43 P

Good for you!

1/11/14 6:32 P

That is wonderful keep it up.

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1/11/14 10:49 A

So my Christmas present to myself was Jillian's Michaels Body Revolution. I have tons of exercise DVDs and didn't need hers but I bought it for the eating plan thinking, she's a Biggest Loser trainer. After 10 years, surely some of the BL eating plan has rubbed off on her.

I began week 1 with her kick-start eating plan and workout. I was susposed to do 30minutes for 6 days. I managed 3. I ate exactly how it said to eat for most breakfast, lunch, snack but did managed to mess up 2 days unprepared with a mcD dinner (without the wheat buns) and an A&W dinner (without the wheat buns) but also managed 4 chocolate bars, 2 chocolate mint mcD pies, and 12 dill potato chips (I licked the chip clean of flavour before eating it and ate less). I wasn't expecting great results. Boy was I wrong.

Even messing up, I did amazing!!!
Start: 215.6
Week 1: 211.0 (4.6 lb loss!!!!)

So, I can't wait to see what happens when I still 100% to the plan. I'm so excited!!

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