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1/7/13 7:50 A

the hubby and I have started a Positives Box for 2013, everytime something good happens and we feel happy about something we write it down and on 31st December 2013 we will open the box and read about what an amazing ear we've had! Really excited!

BRITOMART Posts: 8,108
1/7/13 7:40 A

Monday I'm grateful for
--my BROTHER, whose visit just ended. What a nut!
--work, which begins today
--health, continuing
--music,and the surprising ongoing ability to make it
--two crazy mutts (I'm daily grateful for their company)

1/7/13 7:27 A

today I am grateful my father survived his TIA and is recovering

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1/7/13 6:55 A

My appreciations this morning include:
-Surprise drive west, into the mountains, for our traditional Sunday date
-Sharing views of long sweeping subtle stripes of strato cirrus clouds, ravens and dreams
-Breakfast at Sundance Café with window seating for snow covered mountain views (tofu Reuben with half taken away for delicious lunch later)
-Easily getting all but highest holiday lights taken down and stowed on beautiful sunny day
-K and M joining me for brisk KJ walk in happy cadence
-Watching football with R and warmth of together time
-Orders received and ready to ship
-Reasonable sleep with free schedule for a bit more if I want

GBOOMER Posts: 6,909
1/7/13 5:23 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- getting some necessary shopping done yesterday, including two pairs of work pants and two work shirts.
- being more motivated and active in studying Chinese since I was admitted to grad school for the Summer.
- respecting my body's wish to relax and take it easy exercise-wise this weekend.
- a good phone chat with my parents yesterday.
- an appreciative email from coworker Y yesterday.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
1/6/13 6:33 P

Today I am grateful for....

* waking up this morning,
* going to church to praise God
* to positive thinking because I can do all things through Christ

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/6/13 5:37 P

I am so grateful...

- another excellent ride, and realizing as I'm riding , the changes I need to make so I can adjust as I go
- AM opening back gate for us to access back fields after schooling in indoor ring
- belated positive acknowledgement about something that had been on my mind...and a reminder to me to have more confidence
- quick call from a friend this afternoon making me smile
- season 3 of Downton Abbey starting tonight
- chat with my mom this morning not turning to an argument
- the relative ease with which I stuck to my goals and to-do list this weekend
- health and happiness


IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
1/6/13 2:55 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ a sweet text from my daughter
~ a quick phone call full of love
~ a chance to start getting caught up on things put on hold during family visiting/holidays
~ a full week ahead should make it hard to miss my girls too much
~ delicious leftovers
~ more blessings than I could ever list

RISINGSUN2013 SparkPoints: (5,555)
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1/6/13 11:20 A

This is such a fabulous idea for a thread.

I am grateful for:

Finally having the courage to leave a job for which I'm not being properly compensated
My loving family
My beautiful Siamese cat
My comfortable home
Wonderful books that I can read
Great knitting projects
Playing piano
Sparkpeople, SparkCoach, and my SparkFriends!

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1/6/13 10:03 A

This morning, I start my day focusing on what I have to be grateful for, including:

-Sunshine streaming through my window as I type
-Morning treat ritual with kitties, including special enthusiastic kitty noises
-An intentional relaxing day yesterday doing very little
-Netflix movie and pizza with B last night
-The simple pleasures in life
-A solid night of sleep

Make it an excellent day!


REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
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1/6/13 8:33 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-Win-Win, workout plus cleaner house achieved early in the day
-Kombocha squash delightful addition to roast veggie medley
-Roast peppers, jalapenos, goat cheese prepared in 50-50 ratio to perfect heat/sweet perfection
-Contemplating w/friend, the use of ‘Imagine’ or ‘In My Life’ for art presentation
-Android easily accessing both songs for fresh insights on decision
-Watches that needed service both back in working order
-Roses emoticon

CAT-IN-CJ Posts: 5,065
1/5/13 9:51 P

I am so thankful for a great night's sleep and getting my life back!!!

Today we painted the living room for 3 hours.
I was up and down the ladder, stretching to reach the ceiling,
squatting to get the low spots and sitting cross-legged on the floor to get the baseboards.

Three months ago, before starting SparkPeople,
I would be crippled right now if I'd tried to do this.
Yet, today, I feel so good, I could paint all night!
emoticon emoticon

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/5/13 5:40 P

Grateful as always...

- for realizing that I have a great life
- for all my mom's help over the last 18 yrs so I could keep riding while raising my son
- getting my hardest chores over and done with
- for how relaxed Jones is at the new farm this winter
- for Gracie being allowed to come to the farm with me, to run around while I ride and play with other dogs
- for nice comments from AM
- convenience of texting to keep in contact when on the move


SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
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1/5/13 9:40 A

This morning, I awaken with gratitude for:

-A solid night of sleep
-Early morning dawn hours, half awake in bed, just drifting in and out
-Like Rebecca, but only with kitties - morning treat ritual, three quirky ones that always make me laugh!
-A very quiet, low-key Friday night; for a short work week, I was pretty tired, so I let my body rest
-A weekend with two days that I can mold to my liking
-Already started molding by scheduling 90-minute massage for tomorrow early afternoon

Make it an excellent day!!


REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
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1/5/13 9:06 A

My appreciations this morning include:
-My optimistic nature
-Beautiful bouquet of roses R lovingly gifted me yesterday
-Virtual window shopping with S
-Dog biscuit morning ritual, 3 quirky personalities always making me smile
-Taking ‘cedes out for errands so she remembers her purpose, a fun ride
-All laundry done and stowed
-Persevering with challenging shield to completion

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/4/13 9:50 P

Counting my blessings...

- getting through a second day of staying on track with my goals
- just the sheer fact that I have a horse, and a wonderful one at that
- new options for exercise and changing my body with prospect of joining gym
- having a banana in my purse
- a drawer of new turtlenecks - thank you Santa
- no lineup at grocery check out
- ability to say no before I bit off more than I could/wanted to chew
- good brakes and tires when I needed them
- a yummy taco salad for a treat at the end of a tiring week


IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
1/4/13 9:42 P

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ new faces here, you are most welcome!
~ returning faces
~ this practice
~ good day out with daughter and her South Korean roommate: art museum, shopping, dinner (pronounced "the best on her trip so far")
~ portion control through sharing entrees
~ more blessings than I could ever list

GINABUG SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/13 9:27 A

Gratitudes abound this morning. Here are a few:

~ Beautiful golden ball of beauty in this morning's sunrise.
~ Taking a bit of time to read and meditate before super busy day starts.
~ Resuming nightly practice of reading bedtime mediations with R.
~ Segment on TWC about Al Roker's new book, "Never Going Back" about his weight loss journey. Will be picking that up today!
~ Warm, purring kitties "helping" me with my morning mindfulness!
~ Lovely comments on my page and blog from SparkFriends old and new.
~ Joining the gym at work (very cheap) even though I belong to one over by my house. Inspired by Stephanie to schedule some lunchtime workouts!
~ Leftover, very yummy vegetable packed up for lunch today!
~ Music...

Blessings and joy to all!

GinaBug emoticon

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1/4/13 9:18 A

My appreciations this morning include:
-R shipping new orders before our breakfast date
-Sharing snow covered mountain panoramas
-Friend being among the handful of people in audience for morning movie
-“The Hobbit” coming to life in IMAX 3D
-Taking Mojo on KJ walk after the hours of sitting, especially welcome balance
-Reliable advise from C on security protocol for the web
-Returning overdue phone call and enjoying long conversation
-Mostly replacing games with lumosity training

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
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1/4/13 8:56 A

This morning, I am grateful for:

-My good hearing
-My ability to hold and carry things with ease
-Having good balance
-My first strength training workout of the year at lunch yesterday
-Not hurting my knee after a small "incident" on the leg curl machine at the gym yesterday
-Always, always, always - my health and the ability I have to work this body in so many ways, as I see so many around me with disabilities that make it difficult or impossible to do so

Make it an excellent day!!


GBOOMER Posts: 6,909
1/4/13 4:56 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- getting to collaborate with a colleague on something cool.
- sharing a good technique with two colleagues.
- remembering to "put the relationship first" in several work relationships yesterday.
- sharing time with L last night.
- lots of sleep!

1/3/13 10:31 P

Grateful today for:
-getting my husband's car fixed after two months without it (he is so happy)
-making time to exercise again
-my daughter's enjoying their Wii Zumba gift
-first day of work going well and feeling confident I will do well there
-being offered a second pt job at a sewing studio and deciding to try it out one day a week

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/3/13 8:32 P

Expressing Gratitude...

- setting out to barn tonight with a clear intention of what needed to be done and staying focused on the basics, and getting the desired results
- for the maturity and discipline to know Jones was giving me what she could and to be satisfied with small bits of progress and praise her and be done with the lesson'
- for the opportunity to be at "F" Farm again this winter, and AM's excellent care of our horses
- for making the grown up decision that tonight riding was more important to me than kickboxing and proceeding without the guilt of "shoulds" and the empowerment this brings
- for Rebcca explaining Kangaroo Jump boots to me! Cool!!
- my mother's ability to help my son with his Spanish


DBALZER Posts: 634
1/3/13 12:01 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ the fact that I've avoided serious consequences due to my weight so far.
~ the fact that I have the ability to change my circumstances.
~ my loving family!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
1/3/13 11:11 A

Today I am grateful for:
~ the ability to walk
~ less painful joints this morning
~ a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves
~ central heat
~ hot tea
~ more blessings than I could ever list

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/3/13 10:07 A

Grateful for so much -

- a new wave of motivation, yet remembering small steps lead to success
- taking time to read and have breakfast at home, and not in car
- not feeling as "puffy" as I did a week ago
- having a pair of earrings in my desk when the ones I put on this morning broke. I feel naked without!
- my skin feeling so nice with a little extra attention
- being welcomed into Road Runner Spark team
-pleasant evening with DG last night and no bickering
- the energy that reading everyone's gratitudes brings to me


SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
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1/3/13 9:08 A

This morning, I am grateful for:

-Planning and prioritization
-Excellent dental care available to me, which I'll be taking advantage of this morning
-A solid night of rest
-Morning kitty rituals
-SparkRecipes, and one that I put in the crockpot last night (Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken) and then shoved in the fridge; will start it this morning when I go to leave and voila, healthy dinner for 2-3 nights!! The second night, we add black beans for variety and always served over brown rice!!
-Intentions (and it's on my calendar) for strength training at lunch today!!

Make it an excellent day!!


GINABUG SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/13 8:37 A

Good morning all. Gratitudes abound. A few of them are:

~ Productive first day back at work.
~ Like Stephanie finding ways to breathe through the mountain of tasks and demands at work.
~ Going in late this morning because I have so much to do there -- taking time to focus, write, and take care of me first!
~ A night to myself last night -- to read all evening!
~ Poetry...
~ Music... (poetry put to a tune)

Blessings and joy to all!

GinaBug emoticon

REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
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1/3/13 7:42 A

Appreciations and gratitudes this morning include:
-Mundane errands elevated to fun with R taking me and being great company
-The custom shields posted yesterday sold this morning
-Taking two dogs with me on KJ walk yesterday and loving the stride harmony
-Scoring well on first day of lumosity training and motivated to reach the top
-Quiet morning time with dear M cuddling close, fresh brewed coffee and fun plans ahead

GBOOMER Posts: 6,909
1/3/13 5:20 A

Happy wedding anniversary, Sherrie! emoticon

I am grateful this morning for:

- feeling connected with people at work yesterday.
- getting students' Winter projects graded.
- an enjoyable strength training workout to the Stones' "Beggar's Banquet".
- receiving a solution to an interesting Blackboard problem.
- eating leftover "Eight Treasure Rice" from my sister-in-law.

1/2/13 10:36 P

Grateful today for:
-trying and liking broiled grapefruit for breakfast
-finding a sewing and a knitting book half off today and still having Christmas money to get them
-my husband gassing up my van and cleaning the windshield front and back in the bitter cold to get me ready for work tomorrow (his offer, no prompting)
-a big sale on the fabric I needed for the centerpieces for retreat
-exercising with my daughter again and her encouragement to do it again even though I was feeling tired (it helped a lot!)

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
1/2/13 5:55 P

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ celebrating 31 years of marriage today
~ realistic expectations
~ outrageous hopes and dreams
~ laughter
~ hugs
~ smiles and wags
~ more blessings than I could ever list

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
Fitness Minutes: (100,681)
Posts: 11,574
1/2/13 5:32 P

Today, I have so much to be grateful for, including:

-My work day starting off with a bang
-Like Gina, a job to go back to today and one that I truly enjoy
-Being able to take a couple of hours to map out (as best I can with what is currently available to me) a first quarter plan; it's my busiest time of year and planning is key
-My reaction to feeling overwhelmed by above-mentioned plan: (1) A bit of deep breathing; (2) breaking things down into smaller project pieces; and (3) joining up for my company's soon-to-be-starting exercise incentive program - all good responses!
-Lunch with two friends (healthy salads)
-One of my friends giving me literature for her business venture - all natural/organic cleaning products, health & beauty products, etc. - an online shopping store for healthy stuff - anybody ever heard of Melaleuca? (interested in an e-mail or Spark page post with your impressions)

Make it an excellent year!!


SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/2/13 11:32 A

Feelings of gratitude for...

- running across pictures of my grandma and my mom yesterday while sorting boxes of photos, and memories, and remembering we are all just people and women - no matter our generation and age
- seeing light fluffy snow falling outside my window
- quick little text chat with a friend
- learning how to let go of worry
- renewed appreciatian of of "The Four Agreements" (as recently posted by Maha in her blog) and applying them to a specific relationship in my life in the hopes to make it more peaceful


BRITOMART Posts: 8,108
1/2/13 10:37 A

Today I'm grateful for
--My Mom's love (today would have been her 91st birthday)
--All the posts all offer so much good energy
--Time to rest (unplanned) to beat the cold/flu whatever that is knocking at my inner doors
--Good coffee and a good book
--All the blessings I haven't got a brain to count out

REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
Fitness Minutes: (213,355)
Posts: 22,702
1/2/13 9:56 A

Appreciations this morning include:
-Genuine thrill of finding all the posters to this thread this morning emoticon
-Discovering British contemporary artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s unique installations
-Treating myself to year subscription to lumosity
-Visit with my brother and SIL comparing dreams, wishes and news
-Processing, photographing 16 new shields for R to post on ebay
-RO water purity of taste and ease of access (happy w/investment)
-Ready for outdoor adventure after needed mellow rest day emoticon

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JASI27 Posts: 855
1/2/13 8:28 A

I am grateful for:
-The much needed vacation I just had to rejuvenate
-The prospect of better things to come and the motivation to work for it.
-The freezer meals I have ready
-The relationships I have with my kids
-The relationships I have with my day care parents
-The friendships I hold near and dear
-The HOPE for great things and big accomplishments for the upcoming year.

GINABUG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,481)
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1/2/13 8:06 A

Happy day everyone! Today I am grateful for many things. Among them...

~ Having a job to return to today!
~ Loving my job.
~ Having the last 13 days to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize for the new year!
~ Tiny single serve bottles of champagne for New Year's Eve!
~ The aroma of fresh, hot coffee.
~ Sprouted wheat english muffin toasty and warm.
~ Leftover vegetable stew and veggie chow mein to get the year started off right with lots of veggies.
~ Winter Holiday Seedless Grapes!
~ Feeling healthy and alive!
~ Connections with friends -- sometimes even over a game of Words with Friends (right, Stephanie?).
~ The "clean slate" feeling of a new year!
~ Music filling my home and my soul.

Happiest 2013 to all. Blessings and joy!

GinaBug emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 6,909
1/2/13 6:28 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- a wonderful get-together with family on my wife's side... lots of fun chat, delicious food, meeting a niece's new boyfriend, keeping in touch.
- a good run.
- going back to work this morning.
- seeing an opportunity to meet old friends. Have to think about it.
- Couldn't have had a healthier, more relaxing Winter break!

MASHELDON SparkPoints: (37,862)
Fitness Minutes: (30,147)
Posts: 1,636
1/1/13 7:48 P

Today I am grateful that I have the chance to be healthy.

ERICADAWN1986 SparkPoints: (34,913)
Fitness Minutes: (20,478)
Posts: 1,964
1/1/13 7:17 P

Today I am grateful for:
- My husband always doing his best to make me happy.
- A job that I really love.
- A few days off from the job that I love to re-center after Christmas.
- My dog behaving while we had company last night.
- General peace and little drama in my life.

1/1/13 6:50 P

Grateful today for:
-hours spent with my older daughter helping her sew her first tshirt and then making a duct tape dress form she has been wanting so she can learn to drape designs like Project Runway
-having all I needed in stash to make these two projects while the stores are closed and also clearing that space by using them up
-making a healthy breakfast for everyone and being thanked profusely for it
-one more day off tomorrow before I start my new job and the hopes to spend it doing something for myself
-my husband's help in figuring out materials requirements and estimated costs for a big project I have to do in this next month

SAVOY1 Posts: 1,698
1/1/13 6:31 P

Happy 2013!!

So grateful...

- fun night at the movies
- kids laughing and being silly
- not being sad
- mom's homemade soup stocked in the freezer
- discount from equine transport contact
- winning on a scratch 'n win card
- Gracie-dog having tons of fun playing in the snow
- running into a beautiful coyote on my ride yesterday, and evidence of lots of wildlife
- meeting a new boarder at winter farm, and knowing I will enjoy her company

May the remaining 364 days of this year be as pleasant as today!


IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
1/1/13 4:41 P

Happy New Year everyone!

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ daughter's successful party last night
~ the opportunity to "repay" her for all the times she helped make my parties a success
~ everyone sleeping in, even Lula
~ getting last minute charitable donations done
~ water
~ more blessings than I could ever list

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
Fitness Minutes: (100,681)
Posts: 11,574
1/1/13 12:04 P

Good morning to all on this first day of 2013. I could think of no better way to start my day than to focus on all that I am grateful for, including:

-Sunshine streaming through my window this morning
-The beautiful snow we had yesterday, dusting everything in my back yard, giving me a winter wonderland to look upon through my window as I type this morning
-A wonderfully quiet evening last night, playing Scrabble with B (and Words With Friends with Gina), then a celebratory hot drinking chocolate with a touch of kahlua at midnight (we opted for a warm drink over cold)
-Fresh starts with hopes of 2013 being a great year for all
-Friendships, as they are truly what makes the world go 'round
-Sleeping kitties and sleeping B, as I get some lovely quiet morning time
-This practice and all of you who share your practice with me

Make it an excellent day - Happy New Year to all of you!!!

BRITOMART Posts: 8,108
1/1/13 10:24 A

Happy 2013 (it's not, as I had thought, a prime number! who knew? divides by 3, 11, 61--all of which are prime numbers...)

This COLD Tuesday I am grateful for
~ home
~ heat
~ health
~ heart-friends
~ holiness in the world around us

GINABUG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,481)
Posts: 631
1/1/13 9:21 A

Happy 2013 to all! I am especially grateful for:

~ All who post their gratitude on this board. Each of you is a teacher for me -- even if we have not met. Thank you for sharing and bringing gratefulness to our world.
~ Beautiful, soft sunrise with wispy clouds at the horizon.
~ Home made veggie chow mein made by R for New Year's Eve dinner.
~ Just a touch of champagne at midnight and hugs/kisses with R!
~ New friends met and cultivated during 2012 -- especially Stephanie and B!
~ 12 wild turkeys I saw boldly congregating at the side of the road just outside of town yesterday -- seemingly celebrating their survival of both Thanksgiving AND Christmas!
~ Love and blessings in my life!
~ Music to bring me to the present moment!

Blessings and joy to all! Happy 2013! May it be a blessing for us all!

GinaBug emoticon

REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
Fitness Minutes: (213,355)
Posts: 22,702
1/1/13 8:46 A

My appreciations and gratitudes this morning include:
-Wrapping up 2012 with KJ Walk to/through Labyrinth with Mojo to sweep away all that no longer serves
-Seductive veil of clouds on the horizon and crisp clean air
-Dancing, celebrating with band friends to music of Dylan and the Dead
-Scenic ride with R happily sharing dreams and clearing away glitches
-Surprise new Indian restaurant find for dining delights on ride home from mountains
-Comparing observations from A on Pompeii exhibit with memories of my Pompeii visit so long ago
and finding accuracy in my recollections
-Well wishes received most gratefully
-Happy healthy home with adorable dogs loving us too
-Finding GBoomer preceding me here emoticon

Happy New Year emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 6,909
1/1/13 7:06 A

Happy new year, Rebecca and everyone else who posts gratitudes on these threads!

I am grateful on this January first morning for:

- discussing exciting 30th wedding anniversary plans (still a year away) with L yesterday.
- taking a slow, meandering neighborhood walk, listening to music on my mp3 player as a recovery workout yesterday.
- fun documentary on Netflix last night: "Craigslist Joe".
- nice hugs yesterday.
- visiting a Microsoft Store for the first time ever yesterday, not that there was anything I needed... just curious.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,802)
Fitness Minutes: (213,355)
Posts: 22,702
12/31/12 4:24 P

Whether you agree or just feel it could be possible, that you create your joy from within acknowledging what you appreciate in your life does attract a more positive attitude. emoticon Sincere gratitude empowers you to focus on the positive aspects of life, and develops into greater awareness and appreciation of the overlooked, often misinterpreted, and ever so important little blessings that make up this experience we call life.

Please join me in posting 5 things you appreciate each day. I will be here with my 5 when it is 2013 for me. Let's make 2013 a healthy and joy full year! emoticon

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