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HARLEYROB Posts: 896
11/5/10 3:44 P


LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,500)
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11/5/10 12:47 P

I did the same thing and learned a lot along the way.


HARLEYROB Posts: 896
11/5/10 10:24 A

I read alot. I found some things I've known all along, while others I knew nothing about until I read the article.

HARLEYROB Posts: 896
11/5/10 10:22 A

Started with A and went thru each letter. Read one article a day each time I logged on.

HARLEYROB Posts: 896
11/5/10 10:21 A

Didn't know that thanks for the heads up.

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BLOOM49 SparkPoints: (53)
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11/5/10 10:08 A

That's interesting. Did you start at the beginning and go from there or read the more applicable ones first?

11/5/10 9:53 A

Did you learn a lot? Was it worth the effort?

BERRIMOUSE Posts: 1,170
11/5/10 9:52 A

WOW emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/5/10 9:30 A

WOW That is awesome!

HGSGUY SparkPoints: (155,030)
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11/5/10 9:29 A

good job!

NTSOHLTHNT SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/10 8:38 A

Congrats. You can always reset them in via your account preferences and start over.

SUNNYE3 Posts: 74
11/5/10 8:20 A

Awwesome accomplishment!

MISSYHEP Posts: 434
11/5/10 8:03 A


HARLEYROB Posts: 896
11/5/10 7:37 A

As of today I have read every article in the Read a Health Article A-Z. Took me a little over two years. Bummer no more sparks points to get there unless they add to it.HR.

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