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ISABELLE84 Posts: 2,127
3/14/14 9:42 A

Thank you all for your kind words. I didn't let go! I didn't do a lot of hard workouts but I moved, I respected my calories allowed and ate my 5 freggies. All in all, it's not THAT better but it is.

And really, don't stop your fantastic work of helping others. (and I might just do the same!)

Have a sparketerrific weekend ☼

3/13/14 3:49 P

emoticon emoticon
You are not alone. Good for you for taking the step to ask for support.

YESFAN88 Posts: 117
3/12/14 10:36 P

You're having a bad day, being had on yourself won't help. You're taking steps to change! That's wonderful!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/12/14 4:16 P

You are not alone here!! There are a ton of people on SP who have rough days. A ton.

And it's ok. Really, it is.

A lot of times I tell myself "Today. Just do good today". That helps, because it's not so overwhelming for me.

And yeah, I've had days where I just did not want to put out the effort to eat healthy. Much easier to turd out on the couch and eat whatever crap I can lay my hands on.

Except.....I know that I have that tendency.

So...I don't keep it in the house. Food brought in has to be cooked (raw chicken breast and raw green beans... as opposed to frozen pizza). Snacks are healthy (apples, oranges, opposed to potato chips and ding-dongs).

And that has helped me a lot!

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3/12/14 3:57 P


I know things may seem daunting right now, but there is always HOPE. You can't change the past, but you CAN influence and change the future !!!

I give all new members one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. Start with some simple changes first. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated.

Take baby steps literally and figuratively. Because every little bit does make a difference.

ISABELLE84 Posts: 2,127
3/12/14 3:40 P

I know it will. But all I wanna do is curl up on the floor and cry. This feel like depression (not at his worst.. but it's a close call!) - I am taking medication for both depression (6 years now) and thyroid problems.

It's just.. that.. it's been 2 days that my energy is down and everytime it has happened, I drifted away from my healthy journey and went back to being lazy and not making any efforts. This time around, I don't want that and maybe.. just maybe, asking for help or just anything to make me smile or feel that I'm not alone.. It should do the trick!

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