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I'm glad that you joined and that you are look,ing to change your lifestyle

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Hello everyone. I think I joined SparkPeople in 2012, and forgot about it quickly afterwards. I am a stay at home mom with three kids - 6, 3, and 15 months. I'm always busy and always putting myself last. I love to eat and have no willpower! I also have high blood pressure and have had it since I was 27 - part genetic and part lifestyle. I had gestational diabetes twice and it was horrible. I'm dreading getting heart disease and diabetes. I need to be around for my kids. I want to be around for my kids. I'm embarrassed and probably depressed about my weight. I can't play the games with the kids and feel like a horrible wife at this point. Luckily, my husband is extremely caring and wonderful. I'd like to believe him when he says I'm beautiful. I was 165 lbs when I met him (in my early 20s) and am now 36 and 264. I'm 5'7". I think my frame is starting to give out - my back aches all the time and my knees feel shot. I'm worried and angry and very disappointed in myself. I need this to work this time and am hoping that I've hit that low point everyone that is successful has claimed to hit. Otherwise, I'm afraid of what the "bottom" might look like. Thank you for reading this horribly depressing post! I'm writing as an introduction and for myself - maybe some accountability! It turned out to be way more personal than I am used to. Thanks again.

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