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6/3/13 12:21 P

Thank you for the info! Will do!

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6/3/13 1:55 A

Good for you!
As for fats, try entering your weight loss goals and exercise into your plan and the spark program will give you ranges for everything.

As for healthy fats: avocodos, olive oils, read labels for unsaturated fats and check out the nutrition articles on spark

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6/3/13 12:53 A

Good job!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

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6/2/13 11:11 P

I have kept myself on a 1500 calorie diet for a week, maybe a little more, anyway I have lost 4 pounds WOOHOO!! I read an article that says to reduce your cal intake by 300 a day either by diet or exercise you will loose weight. It's rained almost every day so the exercise was out so I kept and am staying on a 1500 cal diet (Doctor ordered) so I can keep loosing. When I can exercise it will be a plus!!
I do have a question. How much FAT CALS , which will be from GOOD fat sources of course, can a person have a day?.

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