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6/7/12 8:03 A

There is nothing so sweet as being rewarded for taking care of yourself keep up the good fight toward health-for-life great job:)-Sissy

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
6/7/12 8:02 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon It looks like you have found what works well for you. Keep going and I love you are focusing on more than the scale because our overall health is more than a number.

6/7/12 8:02 A

So awesome! It's great to hear that you are so proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the great work!! emoticon

6/7/12 7:58 A


EDSFROGG SparkPoints: (0)
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6/7/12 7:56 A

that is AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work :)!

BONNIJEAN SparkPoints: (132,731)
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6/7/12 7:53 A

Thanks for the reminder that the scale isn't the only thing that matters.

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
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Posts: 5,014
6/7/12 7:52 A

non scale victories great news. keep up the good work.

MARTHAWILL Posts: 3,897
6/7/12 7:50 A

Great attitude . BIG achievements!

CRYSALLIS1 SparkPoints: (73,333)
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Posts: 1,824
6/7/12 7:46 A

Love it! Those little things seem to add up to great rewards. emoticon emoticon

SMACGREGOR1 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/7/12 7:40 A

Great attitude and well done! emoticon

STEELERS67 Posts: 5
6/7/12 7:39 A


ROSALINA8 Posts: 10
6/7/12 7:38 A

all clear signs that the little (wonderful) things you're doing for yourself are paying off! keep up the great work!

NPRIFF Posts: 6
6/7/12 7:37 A

Awesome!!! It's the little things that make the biggest difference. You rock!

MUSOLF6 Posts: 1,224
6/7/12 7:36 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

6/7/12 7:35 A

I can't agree more. When someone points out that I lost weight it makes we feel great! I don't feel like I am depriving myself. I feel like I am improving my life and myself at the same time. emoticon

JPEARL127 SparkPoints: (17,654)
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6/7/12 7:26 A

Rejoice in the small successes and greater steps will come on their own. You are doing great!


6/7/12 7:24 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

LRSILVER SparkPoints: (207,403)
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6/7/12 7:22 A

Your little things are all amazing victories. Way to go!!

NAYNAY69 SparkPoints: (46,205)
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Posts: 1,565
6/7/12 7:19 A


Those are all awesome things!!!

I was so excited when I noticed my face and chin was getting smaller... That was my first I'm working on the others!


MAMAWALMART SparkPoints: (25)
Fitness Minutes: (10,839)
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6/7/12 7:17 A

All the little things are so awesome.

SWEETMAGNOLIA2 SparkPoints: (199,989)
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Posts: 16,078
6/7/12 7:17 A

The little things add up and get us to where we want to be! emoticon

THINKPINK06 Posts: 1,450
6/7/12 7:15 A

Love Love Love the little things!!

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
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6/7/12 7:10 A

Always the little things!

CAMAEL100 SparkPoints: (27,996)
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6/7/12 7:05 A

They don't sound like little things to me! Fantastic. It is so great to be able to do things without pain/stiffness. Exercise and movement are truly great therapies!

VICTORIANKA SparkPoints: (6,575)
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6/7/12 7:02 A

You go Girl!!!

REGILIEH SparkPoints: (540,868)
Fitness Minutes: (290,100)
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6/7/12 6:50 A


6/7/12 6:45 A

Kristin... you are doing fantastic! Thanks for posting this! Love the little things!

LIN1111 SparkPoints: (12,809)
Fitness Minutes: (9,377)
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6/7/12 6:43 A

Beautiful...Simple and so meaningful...Thank you for sharing and giving the rest of us more hope! emoticon

JBASKETT2012 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (615)
Posts: 6
6/7/12 6:42 A

So true in all you said. Thanks sharing.

BADUREKL Posts: 637
6/7/12 6:40 A

It is wonderful how these little things make so much difference! You have done well.
Keep up the good work. It is the same little things that make the difference stay with us!
emoticon emoticon Linda

SNOOPYGIRL57 SparkPoints: (960)
Fitness Minutes: (16,728)
Posts: 8
6/7/12 6:39 A

Yea to You!

6/7/12 6:37 A

Wooooo! Well done! emoticon

BERI03 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (56,906)
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6/7/12 6:35 A

Gotta love the non scale victories! emoticon

KOUVALGE SparkPoints: (36,075)
Fitness Minutes: (10,411)
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6/7/12 6:26 A


SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
6/7/12 6:22 A

Congratulations - just keep watching.

40BY0830 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,676)
Posts: 395
6/7/12 6:10 A

Congratulations, that's wonderful!!

CHRISTINASP Posts: 1,856
6/7/12 6:07 A

How great that you can now hold your child over your head without pain! That is such a reward for your efforts, I think!
And then - having more energy and craving exercise and of course, the belt! Wow!

NICEONE5 Posts: 6
6/7/12 5:58 A

I always read the messages from our Sparkpeple members but rarely make time to respond. However, in this case you hit the nail on the head. My weight still varies up and down as I find it hard to keep on track all the time. BUT it is the little things that I also notice and some big ones. For example I am much fitter and can walk 2 miles with no problem now. When I first started my exercises I could barely do 5 or six reps but now 20 to 30 is no problem. I can move so much better and so, so much more.

Following Sparkpeople has made me more knowledgeable, fitter and lighter and one day I will get to my goal despite going forward and backwards - but isn't that true of life?

Well done and keep checking on The Little Things. emoticon

JENNYBAKER247 Posts: 2,624
6/7/12 5:39 A

emoticon emoticon

TERRIER222 Posts: 3
6/7/12 5:37 A

Aaaaahhhhhh- the last hole on the belt- there are few things as satisfying as that - apart perhaps from the sheer pleasure of having to buy a new belt!!

FUTUREHOPE49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (113,701)
Posts: 5,659
6/7/12 5:16 A

Fantastic! You have put on muscle and lost some fat! emoticon Well done!

6/7/12 5:10 A

Those are great achievements emoticon

BLONDONE62 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,720)
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6/7/12 5:07 A

YOU GO GIRL ! emoticon

LIZAPO Posts: 876
6/7/12 5:00 A

emoticon emoticon

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (61,338)
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Posts: 1,795
5/19/12 7:31 P

Of all the "little things" you mention in your post, the most striking to me is "I crave exercise". All the other little things are happeing because of your craving for exercise. You are sculpting your body through exercise even if your weight is not currently decreasing. If you can hold on to that mindset of exercise plus lose the weight slowly and steadily, you will achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. You will have head-turning, jaw-dropping results. Guaranteed.

Spark On!

KJACOBS1111 Posts: 592
5/19/12 7:30 P

WooHoo! Keep it up!

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
Fitness Minutes: (83,980)
Posts: 47,641
5/19/12 6:34 P

You are so right about the little things adding up! Just keep on keeping on!

GORIANA Posts: 4,420
5/19/12 4:28 P


KTISFOCUSED Posts: 1,492
5/19/12 2:31 P

Those are great and impressive results-congratulations! Keep up the good work.

5/19/12 2:16 P

Although I may not be seeing the changes I would like on the scale, there are a number of little things that I am noticing, which help me believe I am on the right track.

- My face seems thinner to me, my "chins" are getting smaller
- I can pick up my three year old and hold him over my head without pain
- My thighs are becoming more firm
- My arms seem longer, though maybe they're thinner
- I have more energy
- I can now take off my wedding ring (though I don't have a need to)
- I crave exercise
- I have reached the last hole on my belt

It's the little things! My little efforts are adding up to little changes, which are adding up to a new me!!

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