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11/3/12 12:38 A

hahaha...every month I used to go get sunflower seeds and a dark chocolate hershey's bar. I could eat a huge bag of sunflower seeds in one joke! The sunflower seeds made me even more bloated than I already was. It was terrible!!! So yeah, I feel you! Try to find something healthy...I still eat dark chocolate! I get one of those huge chocolate bars and I break off a piece and let it melt in my mouth. I have one a day. I still get my chocolate, I just don't eat an entire candy bar! As for salt, seeds and nuts are still good if you don't consume the entire bag. Just one it into your day!

Good luck!!!!!

11/2/12 8:16 P

Nuts are naturally salty and provide good fats and protein.. just don't eat the whole can in one sitting like my husband does!

As for sweet, you could always try fruit juices.

11/2/12 3:46 P

OMG mine is always mexican!! Never want anything sweet just always want Mexican !!

SARBEAR126 Posts: 120
11/2/12 11:34 A

Everything in moderation. Can you find a way to fit these into your day in small portions to quell the craving? If I splurge, I try to find ways to sneak in a little more exercise. Just realizing that small fluctuations are normal helps me get back on track again as well. It's a lifestyle, so keep "on track" with good habits as much as possible, but try not to deprive yourself at the same time.

I also read that your body may burn up to 100 more calories per day during that time of the month, so...ok - don't go overboard ;)

Keep up the healthy choices! Every day is a new day!

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11/2/12 11:27 A

Oh Boy! My sweet/salt go to during "that time" is pizza and ice cream the perfect storm of diet crushing goodness-it's terrible.
The good news you can have anything in moderation and if you can slim it down and boost the nutrition value your are going to be fine:
in place of nachos could you have a taco salad made with crisp greens, turkey burger, plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, salsa, low fat cheese and if you need more crunch make baked chips or strips from a corn tortilla?
I personally have a daily chocolate calorie ration- I reserve the calories I need to (often tracking them first on another site) for a little chocolate.
Hang int here!

OZIETWIN Posts: 680
11/1/12 10:32 P

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found pop chips at my local store and they are PERFECT for the salty cravings (I love the BBQ!). And, in the organic, expensive chocolate aisle - I found some small portioned dark chocolate (with almonds and cranberries). So I can have 2 and stay under 100 calories.

And a little of the dark chcocolate goes a long way!

Thanks for the tips and the encouragement! I made it through this month and am better prepared for next month! :)

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10/26/12 1:56 P


Maybe this is something that comes with age, but I've found my cravings have decreased as I've gotten older. Now, that doesn't mean I don't still want chocolate. I do still get the occasional craving. What do I do ? I have a small piece. chocolate can be a part of a person's healthy lifestyle as long as they are mindful of the portion.

What you might consider doing is buying high quality dark chocolate that is at least 60% cocoa. Something I learned is that the cheap chocolate is just that, cheap. Because it lacks flavor, you need to eat more to feel satisfied. Not so with really good quality chocolate. a couple of squares goes a long way.

So, try a small bar of dark chocolate infused with red chilis. try dark chocolate with a bit of orange. You may find that 1-2 small blocks is all you need to feel satisfied. I really do feel that because junk food has no flavor, we need to eat more to find some.

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10/26/12 10:01 A

I like to go to something that feels a bit bad, but won't make much of a dent in my calorie goals. Right now, Pop chips are my favorite "junk food." Not crazy high in calories (like, if I screw up and eat the whole bag, I haven't blown my week), but quite delicious!

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10/26/12 9:52 A


Below is a link to a SparkPeople article SparkPeople's Registered Dietitian Becky Hand wrote on the topic. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

OZIETWIN Posts: 680
10/26/12 9:48 A

And all I want is something salty then sweet...I keep thinking of nachos, then chocolate. Does anyone else have this problem. I know it is hormonal. I understand it is temporary, but I really have these cravings.

Any suggestions about how to meet my salty/sweet "needs" during that time of the month?????

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