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It's so hot

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Posts: 6,042
7/6/12 12:46 A

So hot!!! Air Conditionong broke! Tomorrows heat index is to be 107!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (65,165)
Fitness Minutes: (46,438)
Posts: 2,830
7/6/12 12:32 A

97 degrees.

Posts: 1,678
7/5/12 10:58 P

very hot 100 degrees today in ohio.

Posts: 1,132
7/5/12 3:23 P

Hot here in Texas too.

Posts: 2,450
7/5/12 1:45 P

Washington is nice right now... Get some breezes

Soon it will be warmer...

Posts: 2,490
7/5/12 1:43 P


I heard the guy on our weather station say that "it's so hot, the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs." ...Now that's hot!

I feel blessed to live in a country where I have air conditioning and fans at my disposal.

Posts: 3,421
7/5/12 1:24 P

That high pressure that has been causing so many people to roast is just now moving west and settling over us in North Idaho. So, we'll go from rainy, cold, and 10 below normal to hot, dry, and 15 above normal in only three days!

Posts: 546
7/5/12 1:18 P

We are just now moving out of the rains and really cold weaather and into some warmth, but no where near you all, sorry to here that!

SparkPoints: (22,159)
Fitness Minutes: (12,782)
Posts: 452
7/5/12 1:07 P

emoticon Here too!

Posts: 110
7/5/12 10:14 A

When I'm fit, I enjoy the heat. When I'm fat, I don't like it.

Posts: 139
7/5/12 10:09 A

its so hot our dogs don't even want to be outside.

SparkPoints: (86,166)
Fitness Minutes: (99,449)
Posts: 1,403
7/5/12 10:04 A

We've had highs over 100 for 8 days so far. Our power went out this morning while I was on the treadmill. I showered in the dark, got dressed, grabbed breakfast, and dried my hair and put on makeup at work. Power's supposed to be off for hours.

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
7/5/12 10:02 A

I think we officially hit 102 and tied a record set in 1911. Boy this hot spell has to end soon!

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
7/5/12 9:54 A

It was 102 July 4 at the wave pool. I could have sweated off a few pounds without moving a muscle

Posts: 2,203
7/5/12 9:42 A

It is hot and extremely dry here. We may get into the upper 80's next week and that will wonderful. Much better than the 100's we have been in. I don't even remember the last time we had rain.

Posts: 408
7/5/12 5:03 A

At 4 a.m. it's 74 degrees outside in Wisconsin and WAY too dry for the mosquitoes to be out. Perfect conditions to go for my walk.

SparkPoints: (190,902)
Fitness Minutes: (146,931)
Posts: 8,373
7/5/12 4:53 A

very HOT!

SparkPoints: (54,044)
Fitness Minutes: (47,353)
Posts: 7,527
7/4/12 5:04 P

Extermely hot

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
7/4/12 3:37 P

We are in a cool wave with rain (in Arizonam even). temp right now is 73.

That being said, I know that we are having heat around the country but then I think about the forest fighters fightin in unvelievable conditions, and our troops in the desert where temos can hit 125 in the shade and there is no shade.

I remember when all who worked outside in the summer and when there was no AC to come home to. Those who worked the farms and other outisde jobs always wore long sleeve shirts buttoned at at the neck. AND THERE WAS NO DEODERANTS AVAILABLE THEN. Stay upwind at every opportunity.

Posts: 1,678
7/4/12 2:37 P

very hot here, also will be staying inside, hope the weather changes soon, want to go camping!

Posts: 3,676
7/4/12 2:31 P

we are staying cool...but summer means hot, so hot is ok with me too. if summer was cold that would be a problem!!

Posts: 389
7/4/12 1:27 P

Thanks, definitely plan on hanging out indoors most of the day!

SparkPoints: (57,069)
Fitness Minutes: (34,908)
Posts: 2,323
7/4/12 12:12 P

So hot, I hate wasting the summer stuck inside. The horse looks so sad...she has to stay in her barn as it is too hot out to move and eat. I can't even get out to look at my flowers. It was 85 by 10 am this morning.

SparkPoints: (152,745)
Fitness Minutes: (111,781)
Posts: 6,861
7/1/12 11:52 P

It was 102 today, then we had a violent thunderstorm in late afternoon, so we had hail and winds and some damage.
Whew! This weather stinks

SparkPoints: (219,992)
Fitness Minutes: (196,240)
Posts: 6,866
7/1/12 11:45 P

It is hot, but at least we had rain in South Texas.

SparkPoints: (119,239)
Fitness Minutes: (61,214)
Posts: 2,378
7/1/12 11:37 P

112 this week

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
7/1/12 11:35 P

It may be hot but it's nice the benefits of having trees that have a cooling effect. Why the government does not encourage more tree planting remains a mystery With billions of seeds that fall from the trees I have suggested that children take and plant the seeds. When the trees are tall enough sell them as fund raisers for the schools. Or plant some trees at a near by park and watch them grow as they grow emoticon

Posts: 751
7/1/12 11:22 P

It's been really hot here too lately and there's no rain in the forecast. It makes it really hard to do anything outside.

SparkPoints: (7,353)
Fitness Minutes: (2,120)
Posts: 331
7/1/12 11:12 P

It's been 100 degrees for the past three days now. I am ready for it to cool off! emoticon

Posts: 6,042
7/1/12 11:10 P

Hate the heat! emoticon
We are blessed To have AC, but even with it on 70 we can only cool it to 82!!!
But I will not complain with all the fires, floods, power outages, etc.
I pray for an end for all effected!

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
7/1/12 10:23 P

Not to long sgo it was too cold. I'm thankful my dog takes me for walks/runs everyday

Posts: 2,739
7/1/12 7:08 P

It is too hot for my taste!

SparkPoints: (160,925)
Fitness Minutes: (97,240)
Posts: 7,108
7/1/12 6:37 P

sure is

SparkPoints: (160,925)
Fitness Minutes: (97,240)
Posts: 7,108
7/1/12 6:36 P


Posts: 6,130
7/1/12 5:40 P

loving the heat. trying to keep up on the liquids so I don't get dehydrated.

SparkPoints: (6,240)
Fitness Minutes: (4,954)
Posts: 132
7/1/12 4:06 P

i couldnt agree more. im in colorado,and half our state is on fire!! the temps are ridiculous. 90-100s. and our house has no AC. even though im living in an oven, i try to keep positive by thinking, hey, the hotter you are the more cals you burn, right? lol

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
7/1/12 3:44 P

A great big AMEN to that. With the humidity that exists on the mid west and east coast, I imagine that they are really suffering.

SparkPoints: (1,253)
Fitness Minutes: (235)
Posts: 89
7/1/12 3:35 P

I hope all the folks who have lost their power are finding a way to cope with the heat.Prayers are out to all of them.

SparkPoints: (28,821)
Fitness Minutes: (10,967)
Posts: 1,778
7/1/12 3:23 P

I live in the midwest and we just had a storm come through and the temperature dropped 20 degrees! We have a screened porch so we went and sat out and enjoyed the cool down but, it passed and the heat and humidity are back on the rise. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


Posts: 28
7/1/12 2:46 P

I hope everyone is staying cool.

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