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8/14/09 7:51 A

Hello... I am new to this community. Your letter to your past is very creative and I got an Ahh-moment with a tiny glimpse into my real self. Your awareness and insight is very powerful. Thank you for sharing. I'm happy for you that you have found a new and happier and healthier relationship with yourself that is empowering. The old chains are broken. Way to go emoticon Thank you for your inspiration.

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8/11/09 2:49 A

LOL ... this made me cough up a cheeseball from laughter

8/10/09 6:45 P

That was the most fantastically creative blog. It was so truthful. I haven't quite reached the point where I say goodbye, to the cheese. It is a love of my life. I magage to tell ice cream goodbye. I have learned well, where to set boundries, I have to admit. 1 oz of cheese is the bottom line! Portion Control is my new love.

MERLINANDME Posts: 19,106
8/5/09 1:16 P

You are fabulous!

JUNKQUEEN2 Posts: 57
8/5/09 7:09 A

Excellent! Your really summed it all up didn't you?
I'm going to print that out and reread it when I need a reminder.

8/4/09 11:05 P

Thank you so much. This was very inspiring and well written.

~Kathi emoticon

8/4/09 7:15 P

I could not have written anything close to me.I am so inspired by this

OLIVERSMOM2 Posts: 457
8/4/09 3:56 P

You should write a book! I loved that!

SNOWYOWL56 Posts: 574
8/4/09 3:12 P

I love it and yet...... it seems almost ridiculous. I truly want to deal with my feelings instead of eating food. I also want to enjoy food without fear. I want to celebrate and know I can eat a piece of cake and not the whole cake, have a glass of good wine and not drink the whole bottle.

WITSONME Posts: 12
8/4/09 1:30 A

Ohhhh that was absolutely perfect, something I needed to ready. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and a fire under my butt :)

DIATOM Posts: 371
7/31/09 1:36 P

Inspiring and creative! Thanks for taking the time to write this.

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7/31/09 1:31 P


Perfect. Now publish this in a big magazine and make a few bucks off it. Just loved it. The timing was right to read it. Thanks for your brilliance.

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7/31/09 10:28 A

I love it

DIXIED88 Posts: 657
7/31/09 9:59 A

This is amazing! I LOVED it. emoticon emoticon

7/31/09 3:10 A

Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and I hope that it will motivate me and others by showing that it *does* get easier once the chains are broken.

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7/30/09 11:48 P

Loved it!

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7/30/09 12:19 P

Very nicely put. I too, have outgrown the past, and although I still have room for peanut butter in my life, the days of eating five and six spoonfuls when I got home to tide me over until dinner are gone.

I will always have room for cheese and cookies. But in moderation. For me, that's the key. Good luck on your journey!

DEBRAV Posts: 12
7/30/09 8:04 A

that's great! emoticon

CNR5156 Posts: 23
7/30/09 12:17 A

Thank you for that! It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight!

EVILKLOWN Posts: 2,536
7/18/09 5:24 A

I read it. I liked it.

7/17/09 11:28 P

I CANNOT thank you enough for this post, it really hit home with me. Being able to see the serious side of life lightly is truly a gift and you possess it in abundance!

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7/17/09 1:28 P


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7/17/09 10:45 A

Loved your humor post and I have printed it out. Keep up the great work you are doing


CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
7/17/09 10:10 A

Love it!!! emoticon

7/16/09 12:32 P


MEDIC41007 Posts: 4
7/16/09 12:15 P

Yeah! i have to applaud at this post! so true

7/16/09 11:34 A

Dear Cheese, cookies and all the other unhealthy, fatty foods i used to love,

I'm writing with some news today. What I have to tell you is gonna sting a little at first, but i think in the long run we'll both be better off. I've outgrown you. The relationship we once shared keeps me rooted in a past where i was constantly tired, moody, and unhappy with myself. I want, no i demand more out of life now. In the past several weeks, I have begun to rekindle a relationship with someone fantastic, someone I thought I would never find again, myself. You see, while we were together, recklessly living in indulgence and gluttony, I lost touch with myself and that was tragic. I allowed myself to get pushed aside and neglected. Day after day you called to the broken pieces of me offering empty promises of fulfillment and comfort. Day after day I eagerly listened to your siren's song, believing that something outside of myself could fill the holes and bring happiness. I was so wrapped up in spending time with you that I hardly recognized the woman who stared at me in the mirror. I kept telling myself that looking at my growing waistline was not nearly as painful as telling you goodbye. I was convinced that those words were something i could NEVER utter...I was too weak, too broken, I NEEDED you. Did I? Or was it just easier to give you the power so I didn't have to dig through the jiggly goo and emotional gunk in order to find me again? I think we both know the answer. You are an obsession that won't soon be forgotten. There will be reminders of just how much i depended upon you for many months to come; but that's ok, I'm ready to let go and am committed to my new relationship. Together, there are no heights we cannot attain! Now, I'm not saying our entire relationship has been all bad. We have created many memories with friends and family that will not soon be forgotten. Honestly though, if someone asked me to NAME what it was that I had to eat during those memory making moments...I would probably come up blank. That is the cold hard truth. What I need to say is simply this, I no longer need you to fill the holes. I am no longer powerless to your advances, your alluring scent, or appealing appearance. Your stronghold over my life is kaput. These past several weeks have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. These past several weeks have given me energy that i haven't felt in YEARS. They have given me the freedom to move beyond our limiting relationship and step into the symphony that is life. So, as you can see, it's really not's me. Please don't try to call, I won't answer. Begging won't work either, for as each new day dawns, my desire and determination to walk forward committed to myself gains momentum. I choose to live, and you know what, I really am not missing you at all! Who would have ever thought that to be possible!

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