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7/30/13 12:18 P

Every day is a new day! emoticon

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7/30/13 11:10 A

Hope you made it through Monday okay...

Be good to yourself today!! :)

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7/30/13 11:00 A

I think I know where you are coming from. I'm making healthy lifestyle choices and changes. I'm doing things that make me happy and make me feel physically and emotionally better. But that doesn't make it easy and I get tired too. This Monday was my "step it up" day and get back to getting 10,000 steps/day. I was doing well for a while, and then it got really hot outside, work got stressful, etc, etc and I stopped going for that extra walk and taking those extra step.

Stay positive, focus on the good changes you see/feel with the healthy lifestyle changes you are making.

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7/30/13 10:52 A

Change your mindset on the word DIET. Diet=all of the foods you eat. It isn't something you "go on." Make changes to your current diet (incorporate more fruits, veggies, CLEAN foods) and weed out the unhealthy foods. This is about a new lifestyle; not a "quick fix" like all of the "diets" out there.

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7/29/13 6:37 P

Why are you dieting?

I'd be sick of dieting too, if I were doing it. ;) I don't diet... I refuse to restrict myself and deny things. Healthy living isn't about short-term diets!

Here's an article that may help:

Stop Dieting and Start Living!

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
7/29/13 2:45 P

So sick of dieting but trying to be positive. It's monday. I have a fresh week to start over exercising and I have the power to change my future by changing today!

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