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6/3/13 4:00 P

@velvetmerlin...I know what you mean. I am the only person I know who loves the heat. The downside...I am also the only person I know who can get cold while laying on a beach in warm weather. I try hard not to complain about the cold because I understand that seasons come and go...but I do get soooooo very cold, very easily.

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6/1/13 11:35 P

yes I feel like a STICKY popsicle!!!!

REDPANDA10 Posts: 347
6/1/13 6:13 A

It's sunny , warm and breezy here in Scotland. It's been a lovely day so far. I love this kind of weather but I like warm and humid (rare here) also. It's been cold and wet here for months and we just had our coldest spring for 50 years: any kind of sun/heat is most welcome! emoticon

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 2,054
6/1/13 5:26 A

I am definitely not a fan of humidity. Thank goodness I don't get humidity here. I don't mind heat so much, just so long as it colds off at night. But, I'm not happy if it doesn't cool down enough at night so I can sleep without the air conditioner on.

5/31/13 10:33 P

It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who LOVES it! I have always been degraded because in my 'circle', I am the only one who loves it. People get sick of me complaining about the cold (they tell me to get over it) but they find it okay to complain about the heat, which we only get a few days a year.Thank you for being in my circle!

Sometimes the way I write can come across the wrong way. I apologize if I offend anyone. I also have a habit of writing LOOOOOOOONG posts. Again, my apologies.
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5/31/13 10:27 P

Muggy in VA

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5/31/13 10:24 P

In Fla, gets very hot and humid.not a big fan of it,even early in the AM, or later PM,gets pretty humid.


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5/31/13 2:01 A

I's hot in South Texas!!!!

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5/31/13 1:58 A


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,256
5/30/13 11:16 P

I love it too. The weather had been so yucky and cold previously, a total downer. Love the heat and humidity

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5/30/13 11:04 P


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5/30/13 10:55 P

I am not a fan of the humidity

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5/30/13 7:20 P

and AWESOME!!! So very excited that the weather is finally great.

Oh Lord, you have searched me and you know me. -Psalm 139:1

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7/10/13: 5 miles in 54:04
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