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4/24/13 11:55 P

I guess people post because they have an interest on the subject.

Janie Garcia Moreno




4/24/13 8:05 P

Well ya got me -- guilty as charged!

Keep a sense of humor. Remember, laughing burns calories too!

Laugh until it hurts! It's one of the few things in life that's still free!!

Any effort is better than no effort!
KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
4/20/13 8:01 A

You missed one: some people post because they think they are self important!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,779
4/20/13 2:03 A

You're right on!!! People post for a variety of reasons!!!!

You're sooo perceptive!

HEALTHY4UNI SparkPoints: (12,413)
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4/20/13 1:44 A

When a person posts something, there can be many different motivating factors as well as there many different outcomes that they might expect from their posts!

Not every person creates a post for a SELF CENTERED or SELFISH PURPOSE as their motivational center for impetus! Some of these people are motivated to create COMMUNITY CENTERED or are SELFLESSLY PURPSOSED as their motivational center for impetus!

But for whatever reason a person has posted, it was because they decided to post it and that is perfectly okay! It's even okay if they didn't post it the way someone else thinks that they should have!

Some of these reasons maybe as follows:
Some people post solely to get points!
Some people post to get points and make their posts so that others can simply get points as they respond!
Some people want a question answered so that they can personally learn from the answers!
Some people post a question so that anyone that visits the thread will be able to review the responses so that they can be Sparked by all of the responses!
Some people post threads so that they can be sparked for encouragement or motivation!
Some people post threads so that others can be sparked for encouragement or motivation!
Some people post threads so that they could interact with others through discussion!
Some people post threads to inspire community involvement and group discussion!
Some people post threads to inspire self introspection!
Some people post threads to inspire other too self introspection!
Some people reply according to the questions that are posted and reply according to what it states!
Some people post threads so that they can benefit from the responses!
Some people post Threads so that everyone can benefit from the responses!
Some people try to presume the thread posters purpose for making the post and then rather than answer the question as it is stated, they formulate their own presumption as to why the poster posted their thread and then answer a totally different question than what actually was posted! Then it is really amazing to hear them inform you that you asked the wrong question and then go on to tell you what you did wrong! With this happening all the time, it's not really strange to see the conversations on post wander so far away from the original post!

So that is why I say, It's amazing how many people know what you want!

But with every person having their own personal perspectives that are in line with their unique character, it really doesn't surprise me!

What purposes or reasons have you decided to post a thread? This is intended for you to answer in what ever way you want to! I may or may not be able to get anything out of it! This question wasn't formulated for me but for you to answer for what ever reason you want to! Others may or may not get anything out of your response but that is what we call life!

So Thanks for replying and this could become an interesting thread! Or maybe not!

The race to fitness is unending for when you reach your goals, it becomes a race to stay ahead of the temptations that seek to pull back to where you came from!
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