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11/8/13 10:13 A

My weight so effects my mood!! Everything can be going OK in my life and if I get on the scales and see a gain, it ruins my day! And, I weigh every day! I've tried hiding the scale and I just go through the trouble of digging it out. Last Saturday when I weighed and weighed more than I ever have in my life, I decided "This is really it! I am starting from here. I did everything I was supposed to do. I started the 30 day fit food challenge. Ate a healthy "on the plan" breakfast and lunch. Took my shopping list to the grocery store and planned my meals for the week. Then, Saturday night, life interrupted when I got a phone call my nephew was in an accident. We spent the week at the hospital. I can't count how many M&Ms we ate while waiting for surgeries, etc. Most of the food I bought last week will likely need to be thrown away. So, here I am one week later (almost). My nephew is going to be fine (after much healing and physical therapy) and I'm starting over, AGAIN! But I will. I have an appointment at the gym in the morning and I am planning my meals for the week today. I know how if feels when it seems impossible to dig to that place we need to be to start healing, but that's exactly what we need to do. Hugs to everyone on this site that hands me a shovel. emoticon

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11/8/13 8:57 A

You know, the weight gain could be stress. I actually lost 5 pounds the week that I finally relaxed and praised myself. I've felt like giving up at least once a week every week, but I keep pushing forward. Why? My heart is stronger and more efficient so that it is pumping much slower (pulse). When I went to the hospital the doctors were able to see how the exercise was actually helping my body which I didn't know was even possible. My mood is better. Even when I weigh in and see I only lost 1 pound, I go another week and lose 3 more. Your body has to get used to what you aer doing. If you work hard, gain a pound, and then give up, your body is going to get used to that and not let you drop ANYTHING! Keep it up! Work work work! Be honest with yourself too. Are you getting a measuring cup/scale for your food? Are you calculating all of your snacks and eating within your range? Are you working out your hardest during the workouts? When I was finally honest with myself it hurt a lot, but in the end it helped me to fix bad habits and become successfull. You can do it. Don't put yourself down, that's just going to cause more stress. Just think of this: "I would not want to be here 3 months from now wondering 'I wonder where I would be now if I never gave up?"

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11/6/13 10:58 P

You can't give up. You're worth the effort. Just remember how great you'll feel when things start working. It takes some time, but once things start working then you'll have the motivation to keep going.

Promise yourself that you'll try a 2 week challenge and stick to it. 2 weeks!!! You can totally do that! Just focus on one thing at a time. So maybe it's 2 weeks of eating better. Then when that's done you can add in 2 weeks of walking each day or whatever you want to add.

You'll be feeling better in no time!

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11/6/13 10:26 P

Thank you for taking the time to write. I really do appreciate it.

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11/5/13 10:00 P

"When you think about quitting, think about why you got started"...Don't get discouraged over a weight gain, instead evaluate what you did over that week and change up your workout and eating habits. It is also recommended to weigh yourself once a week because the scale will go up and down daily due to many different factors.

If you gave up now, would that make you feel any better than what you feel like now? Probably not, at least now you know you are working toward a goal! YOU CAN DO IT!! and you will figure it out! Trust me I have been get so mad that the weight isn't coming off fast enough but a year from now you will look back and be so happy you kept pushing forward!!!

You got this!! emoticon emoticon

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11/5/13 8:44 P

It's amazing how a weight gain can REALLY change your mood.
I'm generally a happy go lucky person.
But I've been feeling pretty low this week and I figured it out.
I weighed myself this week and I gained.
I am not going to convince myself that it's "muscle".
My body and mind is just rebelling against the process. I sit here and ask myself, why bother?
Everytime I try and TRY HARD I still sit here fat.
The more I try - the harder it is to stay motivated.
I have been trying to love my body for years but now I don't even look at myself in the mirror.
I hate shopping for clothes.
Help! I need some motivation because just the fact that I am reaching out for support tells me that I am not a willing to give up.

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