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BENNYTINNY Posts: 2,379
11/1/13 12:50 P

I like shish-kabob on the grill; chunks of chicken breast, red onion. green pepper, zucchini, and whole mushroom all marinated in Italian dressing before going on the grill. Benny

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
10/31/13 7:02 A

I'll take fish over steak, chicken, or anything else anytime!

1977SHAW SparkPoints: (4,001)
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10/13/13 3:00 P


ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
9/29/13 9:29 P

Can't go wrong with a steak. But lately fish has been big with me. I will eat about anything homemade. Good luck

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
9/1/13 5:37 P

Heyhey! So, reporting back:

On a whim we decided to drive down to Bangor, ME to see a Luke Bryan concert.

Didn't get to cook. Maybe next time. We did grocery shop afterwards... Ah, Greek yogurt is cheap in the states. :) I think they think we're addicts.

I did grill tonight, but it was for my family. Good practise. They liked it. No extra special dessert for them. ;)

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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8/29/13 2:40 P

You realize you're 100% obligated to report back. I would tell him that this meal is for science and demands an honest assessment.

Tell him that honest participants get an extra special dessert, if you know what I mean.

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
8/28/13 10:52 A

There's nothing bad that can be said about consistency... Especially here.

I'm avoiding bacon, and he's on a cut so I don't want to overwhelm him with tooooo much... Glad to hear you're still pro-bacon. :P

Love the asparagus idea. And the loaded taters. Gives me the option of sticking to my diet lately... although the beer is a deviation... Might as well eat a loaded potato. :P

The healthy smoker... I know. I'm going through the withdrawl from hell this round... I've never had this happen before. I'm hungry, hot, and headachy. Someone give ME bacon and advil! :P

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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8/28/13 10:37 A

I get it. Sorry that happened.

No spicy, eh? Well, that seems pretty easy to work around. The steak and ale with a nice loaded baked potato sounds awesome then. If you want to get him really hot, fry up a pound or so of bacon and wrap the steak in bacon and crumble bacon over the tater.

Oh, and if he likes vegetables, maybe a nice side of asparagus or something like that.

The healthy smoker, lol. Nothing really new 'round here. I'd say I wish there was more exciting news, but I strive for nice and boring, so I guess "mission accomplished".

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HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
8/28/13 10:07 A

Nope! That one is recently single too, though... I've come to realize that he is NOT my type. He's still shmexy as heck, but... Well, the wifey left him for the main reason I left mine. I'd say mine had a "wandering eye" but... wellllll... that wasn't the only wandering part.

Congratulations is the appropriate thing to say! :) I'm doing incredibly well... I understand people make mistakes, I just don't make enough money to be a private eye-nor do I have the ambition for that job.

This fellow has no food aversions other than "spicy"... Anywho, it's nice to hang out with someone like-minded...

As for "blast from the past" - I haven't given up my healthy ways. I did go back to smoking, and am currently 3 days into what is hopefully my last time quitting - Funny enough: the hubs and I split up last year, and I started smoking again shortly after reconciling... no chance for reconciliation this time, so I'm hoping my addiction was mainly based on the stress of that relationship.

In other news: I've successfully demonstrated in the past couple months that abs are indeed made in the kitchen.... and plan on getting into a regimented fitness program... I've been a bit sporadic about exercise. Always doing it, I just need some stability. I've made myself a "settle down list" - a two page document of specific goals to achieve before committing to a relationship, so technically gym guy is a little bit of a deviation from that goal, but... Anyways. I'll figure that out...

Good to see you're still around, Bill! :) What's new with you!?

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
8/28/13 8:59 A

Woah, blast from the past. I never know what to say about newly single ... sorry? Congratulations? hehe.

This is going to sound cliche, but it's true. Men love whatever you cook. Unless he has some food aversion (which maybe you should ask) ... he's going to dig it.

So I gotta know, is this the hot dude at the gym you were drooling at so long ago?

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
8/27/13 2:48 P


You may remember me, I've lurked here before.... Now I need you boys for MORE than entertainment! :P

So, I'm single now and somewhat getting back into the dating thing, and I've been hanging around a gym buddy.

Anywho, I think I'll invite him over for supper Saturday afternoon, and cook him something. He's a single fella that lives alone, so he practically lives off of subway.

If I were cooking for you, what would you want? (My favourite place is in front of a grill)... Would that emasculate him?

I'm thinking: A nice cut of steak (I noticed he's missing a BBQ), some grilled veggies, and a simple salad. Maybe pumpkin pie for dessert(we've talked about dessert faves previously), but I don't know if that's necessary... I don't want it to be over the top. I'm not the crazy romance type. It definitely WILL NOT be a champagne meal (I do that with the gf's), I'm thinking beer will more than likely be the drink of choice...

Thoughts, suggestions, advice?


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