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2/4/12 9:18 A

It is a battle worth fighting. You're young and have your whole life ahead of you to be healthy. My suggestion is to tackle it in smaller goals such as 10 lbs in 2 months. You can do this and because of your age you will lose more quickly then someone like me in their forties. Good luck and will definately be looking for your posts and progress.

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2/3/12 7:27 P

I understand your battle and it is worth the fight.

Everyday I fight to stay healthy, strong and fit

stand strong, you can do this thing emoticon

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2/3/12 4:44 P

February 3, 2012
Weight: 238
Aprox. BMI:43.3
Long Term Weight Goal: 150
Long Term BMI Goal: Below 25

Looking at the above numbers makes it seem like my goal is completely out of reach. But thatís why I am here. Iím here to change my life and my health. By changing my health I know I will change my weight. I am not healthy and I donít feel healthy.
My weight problems started in early childhood when I was diagnosed with asthma. The medication I took made me gain weight and, even after I stopped the medication, I could never lose the weight. Now, at 19, Iím on the cusp of adulthood and something has to change. Iíve always admired those who are in shape, active, and healthy. Now itís time for me to become one of those people.
Here are just some of the reasons I NEED to change:
1. I get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.
2. I get sick a lot
3. I seem to injure myself easily
4. I ache everywhere
5. I canít keep up with my friends
6. I canít wear the clothes I want
7. I want to be a firefighter, I canít right now
8. I feel uncomfortable in my own body
9. Diabetes is common on both sides of my family
10. I WANT to be healthy
In an attempt to keep myself accountable, Iím posting this here and hope to add a post every day. I think it will add a new layer to my fight if I have other people who are interested in my progress. I need the support of others who struggle and fight and sweat right along with me. My friends and family are a great support system but none of them are interested in doing this WITH me. So, sparkfriends, letís do this together!

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