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3/14/14 1:33 P

I know it's a sensitive political issue right now, but as a Canadian, I really feel for American's and what they are going through with health care. I can't image ever not seeing a doctor or having tests done because I couldn't afford it. Hang in there - I'm really glad you found a doctor to help you.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,167
3/13/14 10:44 A

Glad u found out it was your thyroid as that can be a real issue. Dr. Atkins in his book "The New Diet Revolution" was really big on having the thyroid checked and saying even when it was normal it could be LOW for a certain person. I can't lose weight on a regular 'balanced" diet, but I can on Atkins and I have to do it "by the book" for about two weeks before I get into ketosis and then I am no longer hungry. But it does work. I'm 64 so it isn't like when I was younger.
Richard Bernstein M.D. in his book "The Diabetes Solution" says ALL obese people are Insulin Resistant and can benefit from taking Metformin to lose weight. He has great lectures on YouTube.

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3/12/14 11:41 A

I disappeared from Sparkpeople for a while due to health issues and feeling like it was not going to help me due to being diagnosed with Congestive Heart disease, Diabetic 2, and that there was no hope for me so I felt alone and just sat down waiting for my last breath to come. This went on for nearly seven months, well my husband had a serious sore on his leg and had to be admitted into the hospital. As a person who loves him beyond words I went to the hospital everyday to see him, this got me very sick with lung infection and barely breathing, I figured this was it for me but I called another doctor because of low income we went to a different clinic and they agreed to help with the infection. The clinic did help but the doctor asked me if I had a regular doctor and my comment was " I was going to see him but that said I could not see him anymore because I could not make payments due to such low income" I made the statement " I guess doctors care when you have money and tough luck if you don't" This doctor now says " we are not like that here, you come back and we will help you"

That sentence she said has changed my life around for so much better, they tested me and found - no heart disease, no diabetic at all, It was my low thyroid causing all the problems.
I am feeling much better now that I know what was causing all my problems - weight gain, high blood pressure, foggy mind. And feel younger with lots of energy.

I share this with my sparkpeople to let you know there is help and there is people who really care if you live or die, all we have to do is believe.

So on that I am back to finally pull my life together and enjoy it with all of you but especially with my hubby and our family.

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