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8/22/14 5:09 A

I sympathize with you. Apart from the previous comments, especial Dietitian Becky's, I wonder if there is a psychological basis for any of it. It might be worth investigating that side of it, too, and a Registered Dietitian and Therapist who specializes in food issues would be great helps.

I used to be like that with a few foods, but am o.k. with them now. My son was also like that. Chicken was a great example. He could eat the outer bits of chicken breast, or the outer bits of a drum or thigh, but anything closer bone, if he ate it he would be on the verge of up-chucking, but most of the time, he wouldn't eat it. He claimed it was the smell - that he could smell the bone. There were some other foods that would have similar effects but for other reasons.


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8/22/14 3:10 A

I would encourage talking to your doc about a good digestive enzyme (such as Enzymedica brand) and a probiotic.

8/21/14 5:05 P

Your case does appear to be unusual. I am glad to hear that you are working closely with doctors to try to discover the cause of the situation. I assume you have explored gastro-intestinal issues and allergy issues? Since you say that smells bother you, I wonder if any of these food intolerances are related to food texture, taste, smell issues????

Anyway, I did look at your nutrition tracker. Although it is not current, it appears that you are not having any difficulty meeting calorie or protein needs.

I would suggest that you work with a dietitian to explore your go-to foods. Don't focus on the problem foods; focus on as large a listing as possible of foods you can tolerate and enjoy.
These become the foods that you then use to plan meals and snacks to meet nutritional needs. If several green veggies are off limits---then reach for the other colors of the rainbow and include extra servings of fruit daily to help meet nutrient need.

Veggies and fruits come in other colors besides green
white: cauliflower, radishes, turnips, potatoes
red: beets, grapes, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon
orange: oranges, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apricots, peppers, cantaloupe
yellow: corn, yellow squash, peppers, tomatoes,
blue: blueberries
purple: eggplant, grapes, cabbage, black berries


your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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8/21/14 12:56 P


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8/21/14 12:46 P

Don't eat the things that give you problems. I'm sure there are lots of other healthy stuff that you can eat- right? As long as you stay with in a calorie range that allows you to lose weight then you should be fine.

Losing weight is not about restricting yourself to only certain foods. you really didn't need to spend a bunch of money at WW to figure that out I hope. Sparkpeople works the same way and it's free!

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8/21/14 12:32 P

Can you eat yogurt?

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8/21/14 12:30 P

Have you talked to your doctor or dietician about digestive enzymes? Is it possible that you are low on specific enzymes that help you digest those foods (causing the brick feeling)?

When I started eating meat after being vegetarian for 10 years, chicken felt like a brick in my stomach... I could have only one or two bites. Over time, I slowly added more, along with broths, and that helped. Some people I know who also started eating meat again took specific digestive enzymes, which helped them transition. After some time, they lowered the supplements & didn't need them anymore.

Just a thought. I'd also get organic or find locally grown produce to see if it makes a difference.

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8/21/14 11:36 A

Yes, I have been to several different nutritionist and dietitian. I have had my esophagus stretched. I tried organic, straight from the farm and home grown and still have issues. Today I am going back to my gastrologist. I already take a multi vitamin, vit. C, Magnesium, zinc and Calcium..

I am just really trying to find out if anyone else has had this problem or knows of anyone that is currently having issues or has issues themselves.

I thought about the chemical part of it too.. but.. ya.

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8/21/14 11:26 A

Oh my goodness. I have never heard of such a thing. I wonder if buying organic would help, if there is a chemical that is the problem, or if you would grow your own?

Otherwise, I think you should probably take a multivitamin, and continue weight watchers to help your portions. I wish you the best. I'm sure a nutritionist or dietitian would be much more help!!!

8/21/14 11:18 A

I don't know if this is the correct place to put this or not..

Anyway - I weighed in at one point in time about 260. I joined a place that helped me lose a huge amount of weight - the healthy way. I dropped down to about 160. SG is a great program but now I have gained quite a bit back. Not because of them but because I am having issues with eating certain foods now. At first I thought it was in my head but I just don't get it. I cannot eat meat like Chicken, fish, beef (in small quantities is ok), Most green veggies like Lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli (Can't even stand to SMELL it), and the list goes on. These are all the "Healthy" foods for you. Eggs are borderline - I can eat them but I have to be careful. There is so much more to the list but let me get to the point of my post. I have gone to the Dr. (several of them) to figure out what my problem might be. I have been tested for quite a bit but nothing comes of it. What happens when I eat these foods is I want to vomit (Sorry about that.. but this is what happens) and I feel as though a huge, massive blob is sitting in the pit of my stomach.. for DAYS afterwards. I feel like crap until it is out of my system and then I am fine unless I eat more of them foods. I wonder - does anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you solve it? I cannot keep going up in my weight. I am very depressed. I started weight watchers now because you don't have to have certain foods on that but it does keep your portions under control. Any ideas?

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