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You don't have to do it perfectly in the beginning. If you are scared that you may drop it if you skip a day, then for a while keep working out everyday.

But eventually you will need to refine your workout program. If you can keep working out everyday with no rest days taken at all, it means that you are not challenging yourself, or at some point you will no longer be able to work out. Challenging yourself is the key for improving the fitness, and burning more calories, because after a while your body adapts to both your exercise and your eating in an effort to minimize the fat loss, which you would not at all want happening. But once you start challenging yourself, you must let your body to recover by taking rest days, or your body won't be able to improve its fitness. A challenging workout is the cause, and as a result, your body gets stronger during the following rest days.

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Your body needs time to recover. Vary your workouts and intensity (for cardio) if you are working out every day. I only workout (routinely) during the work week. I take the weekends off unless I feel like squeezing in something extra. For ST, you definitely need to give your msucles at least a day in between (with the exception of abs and calves).

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Working out everyday is neither good nor bad. IF you choice to workout daily, make sure that you do not work the same muscle groups two days in a row, and make sure at least one day a week is active rest (think Yoga, stretching, or an easy walk.)

Can I guess that you are new to a healthy lifestyle? One day will not make you lazy. Day after day makes one lazy. IF you need a rest, take it. If you like some daily activity, let your body guide your movement.


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Im scared that if i rest one day i will get lazy

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