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SHAWON SparkPoints: (0)
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6/7/11 9:37 P

i agree, talk to your doctor and stay motivated

6/7/11 7:43 A

I would also talk to your doctor just to be sure. But honestly, any exercise is good for you. You already work out more than I do!

STILLWATERS811 Posts: 453
6/7/11 6:30 A

I echo the message about talking with your doctor. I too have asthma, but it is mild enough that I am seldom bothered by it as I walk.

I think a candid conversation with your physician is definitely the right first step.

HOMIELUVRFRND SparkPoints: (16,875)
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6/7/11 6:22 A

Great advice, as ALWAYS check with your doctor, with any condition start slow, and remember, from someone that started her journey at a snails pace - less than 2 mph:

Anything you do today is better than all of the days of nothing you did before. emoticon

RARADRA SparkPoints: (703)
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6/7/11 4:23 A

My doctor has me on symbicort twice in am and twice in pm plus puffer 4x daily. For exercising, I'm supposed to use my puffer with 2 puffs before I begin. It was hard at first as I could only do a minute or 2 but I'm up to 15 minutes now before breathing is a problem. Carry your puffer with you, and be prepared to rest if you need to, to catch your breath.

40ISHHUBBY SparkPoints: (21,745)
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6/7/11 2:06 A

I have asthma to. Advair has helped tremendously but yes talk to your Dr

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/7/11 1:54 A

Talk to your doctor. Everyones asthma is different and needs to be handled differently. Personally, I had to build up because of my asthma, and I know my limits. Start by walking, and get faster as you can. My asthma is now under control (most of the time) and unless I am sick I don't need to stop and use my puffer anymore.

Best of luck!

SHAWON SparkPoints: (0)
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6/6/11 8:46 P

let me know how the walking goes.

SHAWON SparkPoints: (0)
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6/5/11 2:53 P

i agree dont give up. in no time you will find that your speed picks up. Take it slow though and dont try to much too fast. i also have asthma and have my inhaler with me as back up if needed. I dont let asthma get in the way of me trying;-).The crazy thing is the more in shape i am the less i need to usemy inhaler. but everyone is different. you should consult your doctor.

IDAHOSEASHELL SparkPoints: (5,369)
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5/17/11 1:25 P

I agree with the other comments here, from personal experience I can tell you that starting at 2 to 2.5 mph for a 1/2 hour and pushing myself a little more each week is how I have reached the speed of 3-3.5 mph and going 1- 2 hours a day 5-6 days per week in just over 6 weeks. I have damaged lungs due to chemical exposure and living in a smoke filled house for the first 18 years of my life. I feel better now than I have in years. I am surprised I was able to change my health that much in only 6 weeks. I am 47 and weigh 219 lbs but I just didn't let age, weight or health issues stop me this time (I have used those excuses a lot in the past. However it is important to find a good pair of walking shoes if you are going to spend that much time walking. I also have been riding a recumbent bike at the gym and doing some strength training to burn extra calories. I push myself until my muscles or lungs start to be uncomfortable then I slow it down just a little below that intensity and try to go as long as or longer than my best of the previous week. I workout 5 or 6 days per week but I only really push each type of exercise to the extremes once per week. For instance on the days I walk further or faster I don't do much if any strength and on the days I set the resistance higher or go further on the bike I don't walk as long.

PSYCHOJULES Posts: 13,636
5/17/11 11:18 A

ditto, maybe they can get help you find something a little more comfortable or give you some tips with your regimen to go a little stronger or faster.

either way, your lungs'll likely strengthen the more exercise you start getting in, so its a win-win--but definitely consult with the doc first

MEANCARLEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/11 8:24 A

I think that anything you can muster is good but you should always consult with your doctor before doing any type of exercise to discuss whats best for you.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,406
5/17/11 1:41 A

You burn about 100 calories per mile walked, pretty much regardless of the speed.

If walking at 2-2.5 mph is manageable, and something you can do, then go for it!!

The good thing about walking regularly is that in a few weeks you should find yourself being able to go comfortably further and faster.


WYO_CASEY Posts: 587
5/16/11 8:30 P

I have asthma and work out quite a bit. If your asthma is so severe that it hits you at 2.5mph, you need to chat with your doctor. If you want to work out before you do that, put your hands on top of your head when you get the tightness feeling. It seems to help me by opening up my chest.

SUE5007 Posts: 743
5/11/11 12:12 P

The speed doesn't matter as much as your heart rate. That is a much better number to go by than mph. But listen to your body...and talk to your Dr. about your asthma and your fitness goals.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (181,356)
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5/11/11 11:08 A

nutrition and strength training are more important to weight loss than cardio. And if anything is hurting, you're doing too much, too soon.

Check with your doctor about the asthma. You may need your meds adjusted. One of my running buddies has asthma and she can run 10 miles + with no problem as long as it's not humid.

BRANDI8704 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/11/11 11:04 A

I hate exercising. I just hate that burning feeling. It hurts. And I have asthma so breathing deeply hurts too. Is walking at a pace of 2 - 2.5 mph good enough? Like if I do it for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week?

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