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You might want to copy and paste your question in the Diet and Nutrition board located under the "Message Boards" tab. That one is monitored by Sparkpeople staff.

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Hi All—

I’m not much of a blogger and haven’t posted here before—although I did (gratefully) lurk and read all the positive posts. Congrats to everyone on their progress. Here is my problem. I’m tracking; I’m exercising – and still not losing at what I think should be an appropriate pace. Let me lay it all out for you (experienced, successful) guys and maybe you can offer advice.

Five months ago quit job—should not have, but o.k. financially, so move was o.k., but stressful still. Put on a few pounds. Nine weeks ago quit smoking and decided to start back on Weight Watchers where I was successful 5 years ago (at home, no meetings, not on-line, using old Turnaround materials) at same time to stem the anticipated gain. Started back to gym too. Lost ten pounds in first four weeks—now have only lost three pounds over last five weeks. Came here because I did not believe that on WW I was getting enough calories/right nutrients.

Age: 54
Gender: Male

Typical day 1400 -1500 calories intake: never less, occasionally slightly more. Well balanced, avg 227g (63% carbs), 32g (20%) fat and 62g (17%) protein.
Exercise 425 average daily: M-W-F 550 calories on Precor, T-H-S one hour yoga; daily sit ups (working towards 200, at 40) and push-ups (working towards 100, at 28), and 15 minutes of light dumbbell work before bed.
I am STARVING all the time.

Calorie deficit is about 850 per day. Could drop it, but don’t want to go below 1400.

H-E-L-P---any suggesting for (safely) making this quicker? I have opened my food tracker. (It is complete during the day, but not within the meal groupings.) Let me know if there is a more appropriate place for me to post.

Thanks in advance!

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