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8/15/13 8:42 A

I've always been a little higher on the testosterone side than many women; Not enough to trigger physical effects, but I act very much like a male when I work out. I've been even known to growl. "Just... one... more... rep..."

I love the feeling, personally ;)

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8/15/13 3:55 A

It may just be that your focus has been disturbed as when working from home and the phone goes or the door bell I go up in the air about it.

I hate to think what I would be like in a gym.

I think you are normal

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8/14/13 10:28 P

Glad to know I'm not alone I feel crazy sometimes lol. I have some crazy hormones but normally when I work out I tell my self " yeaah girll get it or yeah baby keep it up" and listen to anything and everything but mostly techno but I am now stretching and doing some yoga afterwards I think it's helping a little bit. I feel sort of bad for those around me like for the hour afterwards lol.

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8/14/13 10:00 P

I usually get that way DURING my workout. I've found though that it is worse on days where my protein is lower or I'm missing something else in my diet for the day.

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8/14/13 9:25 P

If you listen to aggressive music, or self talk aggressively, both of those can key you up for a while.

Back a billion years ago, when i was i shape and swam in highschool, I focused on stretching after, -- doing yoga, for example, and to very calm music. That helped me come "down" from the push of competition and the drive to "go faster, push harder" - even though it was only practice.

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8/14/13 8:04 P

Not at all. Exercising releases all kinds of hormones in your body... I have the same effect!

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8/14/13 4:58 P

Like 75 percent of the time after I work out I feel sort of Aggressive? Like I feel awesome and tired and all that but I'm more prone to "snap" I guess I should put it.

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