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Is this bad?

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Posts: 142
5/24/12 11:19 A

I totally and wholeheartedly understand burger cravings! :) Cheeseburgers and Chinese food are my two big naughty food loves! But agree with the others, as long as it was counted and you ate wisely the rest of the day - no need to beat yourself up about it! I know when I have a burger craving I'll usually go get a tiny burger (jr. bacon cheeseburger) from Wendy's and even though it's numbers are bigger than I'd like (fat, calories, etc.) - it's way better than a full size burger! Plus I take care of that craving and don't feel like I'm denying myself anything. Hope you feel better about your decision and I wish you continued success!! :)

SparkPoints: (7,801)
Fitness Minutes: (4,368)
Posts: 358
5/24/12 5:11 A

The fact that you put it on the message boards speaks volumes about your "head" being in the game! Thats really terrific! I agree with everyone here when I say it's all about moderation and if you counted it, good for you.

Posts: 934
5/21/12 5:26 P

If you were craving the burger, had it, tracked it, enjoyed it, felt it satisfied your craving...that's good. Moderation not deprivation is the key; you "spent" 750 calories on a burger for lunch so have a nice green salad with lean protein for dinner, drink a little extra water to help with the sodium and know you did well.

SparkPoints: (16,070)
Fitness Minutes: (13,910)
Posts: 998
5/20/12 8:28 P

Good on you for understanding the nutrition facts! SparkPeople teaches us to be aware of what we are eating and how it feeds our bodies. I definitely work indulgences (like burgers!) into my diet because I like them. However, as you know, moderation is key. Have you ever heard the phrase "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"? Love it!

Posts: 1,749
5/20/12 10:51 A

Okay, you satisfied your taste. Never skip a meal, if you go overboard, try ""All Whites" egg whites. I keep a container on hand when I need a low calorie meal. 1/3 cup is only 25 calories, add green pepper strips or diced peppers, diced onion, and scramble. Pair with 1 slice of thinly cut Rye toast to help you stay full.

Instead of the grren pepper you can use brocolli or aspargus and even green beans.

Maybe try a portabello mushroom buger next time, or even a turkey burger opened faced for less calories. Turkey burger are really tasty with a slice of red onion, lettuce, a little mayo and a slice of tomato.

Posts: 2,887
5/20/12 8:03 A

good suggestions here. eating the buger will not mess you up.. All in moderation.....

SparkPoints: (3,031)
Fitness Minutes: (2,039)
Posts: 18
5/18/12 3:06 P

I have one cheat meal a week, which is often burger and fries. I order the small version of both. It hasn't effected weight loss progress. Just make sure to eat healthy most of the time.

Posts: 547
5/18/12 11:08 A

What you do on one day doesn't really matter. I was listening to someone on the radio yesterday, and they were suggesting that you need to think really long term about your calories. Like over the course of a year. My theory on fast food burgers is that once or twice a year isn't going to kill you. It won't have any noticeable long term effects.

And do NOT starve yourself the rest of the day. Only bad will come of that. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to balance out the grease and carbs.

SparkPoints: (2,805)
Fitness Minutes: (3,647)
Posts: 3
5/17/12 6:24 P

You're good - it's okay to indulge every once in a while . . . don't starve yourself the rest of the day to compensate - yes, try to make the rest of the day filled with healthier food choices, but as long as we eat well MOST OF THE TIME, indulging occasionally is not only okay, but necessary.

If you had to completely cut out all those sinful foods, what would be the point?? Don't beat yourself up over it.

Posts: 15,824
5/17/12 5:47 P

Having a hamburger is NOT cheating, as Spark promotes all things in moderation!

DO not starve yourself the rest of the day.
Select some healthy options that will take you into your calorie range.

You did not do something bad....

Posts: 1,795
5/17/12 4:56 P

It's okay. You haven't messed up anything. Everyone occasionally does this. The key is to make it a rare treat and not an everyday occurrence.

Fast food does have a lot of calories, fat and it has a ton of sodium. It's not health food, for sure. But, no one has a perfect diet and trying to be perfect always leads to feelings of failure.

Do not starve yourself for the rest of the day. If you have only eaten 970 calories today, you have plenty of calories left for a healthy dinner. So, eat about 500 calories for dinner...try for something low sodium...pick a lean meat, veggies and a healthy carb and you'll be fine. For example, grill up some chicken breast and use it to make a chicken wrap (chicken strips, a bunch of romaine, a little avocado, some shredded carrot, a 100 cal tortilla, maybe some corn on the cob on the side...). Go for a nice walk this evening too (or whatever exercise you prefer).

You might want to try making your burger at home next time a burger craving hits. If you make it with a measured amount of 93% lean hamburger meat, grill it up on the bbq, use a small, whole-wheat bun (like a sandwich thin) and add a slice of lowfat cheese and forego the other toppings, it's not bad at all..pretty tasty. Sometimes, I make mushrooms to go on my burger (cooked in a nonstick skillet, all by themselves with no added butter or anything).

If you like fries, oven fries are easy to make.

Posts: 71
5/17/12 4:34 P

Everyone cheates every now and then. It happens. You really should try to eat the rest of your calories; but make sure its fruits and veggies...that will make up for the big greasy carby splurge.

Posts: 20
5/17/12 4:30 P

I was craving a burger today from a popular fast food (Don't know if I can say the name of it on here) place. The burger was 750 calories. Including the burger I have only had 970 calories today and that might be all I eat today. My daily calorie goal is 1,200-1,500 calories. I usually stay within that range. A friend told me that fast food is bad b/c it has sodium and lots of other stuff in it. She also said that she heard that processed food stays with ya and takes longer to get rid of. I know fast food is not good for me but every great once in a while I would like to indulge my cravings. My question is, am I ok today with the calories or did I mess up b/c of it being processed food,etc.?

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