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6/27/13 8:36 P

Definitley looked in with

Sumo Deadlifts
Back Rows
BEnch Presses
Going to try to work my way into Pull ups

Along with a two Ab work outs and 2 other arm work outs with my normal cardio

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6/27/13 7:31 P

Deadlifts will rip your core a new one. They also work your calves, hamstrings, arms, shoulders, back (particularly the erector spinea or lower back), chest, neck... pretty much every single muscle group is covered in one move.

Squats- work your entire lower body; glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves

Pull ups- work your entire upper body

Bench press- arms, shoulders, chest

Overhead press- arms, shoulders, upper back

One arm rows- arms, shoulders, upper back

If you lift heavy enough, you will feel all of these in your core as it works to stabilize your body. All muscles connect to one another and they all meet at the core. My core works harder to lift 3 sets and 8 reps of 150 lbs in a deadlift then it ever would doing hundreds of crunches

THECLASSICKAT SparkPoints: (11,606)
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6/27/13 6:04 P

So what are a few that would be good to do to start off

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6/25/13 8:59 A

What JENNI said is true; doing all of the specific "ab work" in the world isn't going to melt that fat away. If you concentrate more on doing standing ST work which engages your core, you will see bigger changes. When we say core, it isn't just the front where your abs are; it is your back, abs, hips that help you maintain stability in general.

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6/24/13 9:15 P

Way, way too much ab targeted exercises, totally unnecessary. Put more emphasis on compound exercises that involve various muscle groups. Nearly all muscles are connected to the core, so it already gets enough work. It is a very important muscle to help stabilize you during various exercises. Have you ever heard someone say underneath the fat, you're already sporting a 6-pack? We'll, it's true. The fat on top is the major culprit in why no one else can see it. You really only need to include 1, maybe 2 core exercises (including one for your lower back).

From past experience; gaining a lot of muscle in your abs will actually make your stomach protrude more, the muscle will push the fat out. You do not need that much ab work, your time is being wasted when you could be working other muscle groups.

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6/24/13 12:30 P

I also do Squats forgot to mention that one and then some Core Yoga

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6/24/13 12:26 P

Your strength training consists mostly of ab exercises and isolation arm exercises.

The foundation of your training should be compound exercises..and then isolation exercises if necessary (but most of the time they totally aren't necessary)

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6/24/13 11:58 A

So right now I'm recovering from surgery So I can't do much until I get stitches out.

Heres my question though When I am working out this is How it normally is

Elliptical/Cross Ramp
Up right Bike
Tredmil walking/running

Then on alternating days
I do stomach workouts like
leg lifts reverse crunches
ball crunches
weighted crunches
toe touches ( not neccesarily all on one time)
then other days i do arm workouts
lateral raises
hammer curls
bicep curls
one other one I cant rember

So for most of the time I do 6 days cardio and 6 days of I guess strength traning

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