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1/3/13 3:40 P

If you set up your SparkPage and make your nutrition tracker public (that is, if you use the nutrition tracker) we can help you with the diet portion of weight loss, which can be the hardest part, IMO!

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1/3/13 2:53 P

Thanks for the advice!

I'll be sure to look for those videos.

Hm, well I eat pretty healthy foods, I think. I'm trying to eat healthier though. Also, calories! The bane of my existence :( Well, not really, but it does make me go crazy when I think about it.

Edit: Sounds good. Are there any workouts or videos you can recommend?

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I would definitely try to mix up the parts of your body that you are working out. For example - if you do abdominal and leg strength training one day, then try something for your arms and back the next. That way, your muscles get some recovery time.

I know SparkPepole has a couple of distance running/ jogging programs - you might want to look those up. That way, you can build up more and more distance every day.

The most important thing is that you are getting active! emoticon

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1/3/13 2:41 P

It sounds good to me, except you should include full body workouts into your routine and not just focus on your abs. Search through some videos on here, you'll find some good ones :)

Edit: Oh, also! Planks are so much more effective than crunches.

Edit #2: Remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So make sure your diet is balanced, healthy and you're eating plenty of whole foods, and staying within your calorie range that SP gives you.

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1/3/13 2:38 P

Yesterday, I got started with a new workout routine. I haven't worked out in over a year, so I feel like I just got ran over by a truck, haha. Can't really walk properly, so I should probably tone it down a notch.

Anyway, what I do, is I go for a jog pretty much after I wake up. I walk to this park as a warm-up, and I have to go up a steep hill to get there, so it works. After I go there, I walk one lap around the park, then I jog one lap around the park (well, I jog a certain distance, then walk, then jog again near the end). I'm not sure if I should just walk up to the park, then jog as soon as I get there, though. Any thoughts?

After I finish jogging, I go home, drink a full cup of water, and do three sets of crunches, with 12 reps for each set (planning on switching this out for a 15 minute ab routine I found on this site emoticon ), then I do three half push-ups.

After all of that, I take a shower, eat breakfast, and go on with my day. Is this a good workout routine? Should I be working out later in the day as well? I do this every day, by the way.

Oh, and I'm starting up my next term of College soon, so I'll probably have to jog in the morning, then do the other exercises later in the day. When should I do those?

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