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4/14/13 11:32 A

I agree with previous posting. For me there is no 'meals' or 'snacks' I just eat about every 2-4 hours minimally. You can eat whenever you are hungry. As previous postings stated you just have to watch what you take in and keep track of the calories of what you take in. Check out my food tracker. You see that despite only having 2000-2500 calories in a day that I eat A LOT of food. I try to break everything down into the separate sessions for my 'meals' however due to the amount and number of food items i eat it is often difficult and you will see a meal with a large amount of food items in one meal.

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4/14/13 11:12 A

You're overthinking this. :) There's no real need to eat 4-6 meals for everyone. Some people do find that they do better with more frequent food intake, allowing them to stave off hunger and keep their metabolic furnace "stoked" as it were, but it's not necessary, and there's no reason to worry about labeling one a meal or a snack, or anything in between.

Look at your calorie range. Anything within that calorie range is pretty much okay. If you want to eat three big meals and a snack or two, that's fine. If you want to eat five or six small meals, that's okay too. Just experiment with the ranges, and don't worry about what you're labeling things.

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4/14/13 7:46 A

as long as you add up to where you should be, it doesn't matter how often you eat, so long as you scale your meals to the frequency with which you eat. in other words, i eat eight times a day, so i aim to eat about 200 cals at a go. if i were only eating three times a day, i'd need to eat about 500 cals at a go. in other words, you can't eat big meals frequently and you can't eat only three small meals. the more frequently you eat, the smaller your meals and snacks need to be, just like when you only eat a a few meals, all of your calories need to come from those few meals.

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4/14/13 5:35 A

We can snack! We can eat whenever we want. My advice tho' is to make sure that you don't MINDLESSLY eat.

I ALWAYS eat snacks - often 3-4 in a day, but then they are all accounted for. I have mine as early a.m. snack
morning snack
afternoon snack
evening snack.

Sometimes it looks more like 4-5 small meals with a light snack.

I allow for them in my daily calorie allowance, so effectively I generally eat wee bit smaller meals to accommodate it. I also often snack an hour or so before a meal.

Good luck,

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4/14/13 2:38 A

I just started eating smaller meals multiple times a day and at first I had a snack 2.5 hours after my meal and I tried eating another meal an hour or two later. I realized that was not right so I must not be following the meals correctly. Is there any snacking involved or is everything just a small meal? What if I just wanted a granola bar or yogurt? Obviously that's a snack, but would that be a small meal or should I put that as part of my next meal even though it's apart from it?

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