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2/19/12 5:55 P

Hi Tisha,

Are you wanting to track this in your cardio fitness tracker or do you just want to keep tabs of your activity?

The reason I ask is that the cardio tracker is primarily used for those activities in which one elevates her heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate and sustain it for a period of at least 10 minutes (for those who have led a primarily sedentary life) and 20 minutes for all others.

Remember, SparkPeople factors in an active daily living multiplier when determining your calorie range so tracking normal, every day activities like easy walking and cycling can overestimate your calories expended figure which could slow your progress down over time.

I hope this helps! Keep up the awesome job. Active daily living activities are just as important as exercise so don't think all's for naught.

Coach Nancy

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2/19/12 5:47 P

Firstly thanks for your earlier answer to my query.Coach Nancy
This time i want to know how i track my walking and cycling.
I tried to do a mileag on the fitness but did not understand it at all..
It seems its only for gym cycles or treadmill...
asks for things like you do at the gym.. i don't know how far i bike sometimes i have to go to different places in a day, and its easier with the bike than taking a bus..
In holland we use bycicles to get from a to b;.... do shopping etc, being a flat country its not a pumping bike ride more easy and relaxed....
Sometimes i make time to walk to town about 25 minutes walk to town and 25 mins back, low intensity;, and i have done this a few times since i started SP, so i would like to add it to my fitness tracking.. i have listened to the video on how to use the page but for some reason i don't understand it..
So if you could please help me i would really like to be able to track it also..
thankyou tisha

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