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11/18/13 9:17 P

I never drink more than 9

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11/18/13 9:07 P

I know when I drink too much water. I feel "water logged" and it just feels like the water is sitting in my stomach.

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11/18/13 8:46 P

Thanks everyone! I used the formula someone posted earlier and since im so heavy according to that I should be drinking 15 8oz glasses a day, which seems like too much, I'm going to compromise and cut back to 8-10cups per day.

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11/18/13 5:41 P

good information here

11/18/13 5:35 P

the beginning signs of thirst is not a sign of dehydration already in place.
Drink when you are thirsty. Usually about 6-8 cups of water daily is sufficient. You are currently taking in 15-17 cups. Since you are feeling the urge to urinate every 20 minutes, this is a sign that you are drinking too much and forcing fluids.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/18/13 5:09 P

Drinking when you are thirsty will work after you have had enough to drink for a while by counting cups. It will not work for people who had habitually been drinking far too little as is common as people get older.

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11/18/13 4:33 P

You will likely get more used to taking in so much and the bathroom trips will be slightly less frequent. It is very normal to feel like you're going ALL THE TIME in the beginning!

Make sure if you're drinking lots and lots of water that you do eat some foods with salt in them, just so you don't get totally desalinated. Yes, indeed, you can have too much.

I don't agree with drinking when you're thirsty; I think you should try to drink a cup (8 oz) every 2 hours or so at minimum, every 20 minutes if you are being active.

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11/18/13 12:05 P

Ok thanks. I heard that if you are drinking when you are thirsty your body is already partially dehydrated. This is only my 2nd week of doing this so I am also trying to utilize the water to kind of clean out my system as well.

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11/18/13 12:04 P

It is absolutely possible to drink too much water. Any substance in excess can be toxic, even water (although it takes a lot). Too much water will flush minerals, including sodium and potassium out of your system. Drink as much as you are thirsty for but pay attention to not mix up thirst and hunger. If in doubt which it is choose water. There are no hard and fast rules how much you should drink, there are too many factors involved.

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11/18/13 11:55 A

Here is a good rule of thumb for water:

Take your weight and divide by 10, take that number and divide by 2 = # (8 fl oz.) cups of water

So, if you're 150 lbs. - 150/10 = 15/2 = 7.5 cups

Another good measure is to simply drink when you are thirsty. In my experience, if I am using the formula above I am running to the bathroom much more frequently and it does not subside with time.

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11/18/13 11:25 A

I am new and have been making a conscious effort of drinking more water throughout the day. I drink about 3 or 4 20oz bottles of water while I am at work then 2-3 more in the evening. The problem I am running into is I am going to the bathroom a lot. After the first water bottle I find that I need to go every 20 minutes or so. And it comes on very suddenly and strong to the point where it is uncomfortable to hold it. And its annoying at work.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything I can do to change it? Will my body adjust, maybe my bladder grow? Its super annoying!

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