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_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,855
10/8/11 11:04 P

Just wanted to send you BF moms a note of support:
emoticon Keep it up---it's worth it!

I nursed my two until they were 3 (!), and they're both doing really well in school and in overall life skills.

I wish I could say as much for my husband! emoticon Of course, he wasn't breastfed. Just kidding. I think!

Try contacting the help desk or one of the other SP help areas, perhaps? I do think it's worth addressing.

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10/6/11 9:44 A

I was looking for the same thing. I found nothing but groups, and forum posts. Nowhere in my goals or in my account setting can I put that I am a nursing mother. I already knew that I'm supposed to add 500 calories, that's what my breastfeeding consultant already told me is the basic. BUT - it would be NICE if there was a way to keep track of everything properly, as a breastfeeding mother, on this website.

What also would be nicer, if Spark would make sure that nursing mothers are getting all the nutrition that's needed. Like have that as a nutrition goal or something.

BUT...I guess (shrugs) I'll use this website to keep track of my weight and calories, and water intake. I'm on a newborn bland diet right now anyway.

EERUFFING Posts: 225
12/4/10 11:14 P

i was wondering the same thing for a team. I just started back on sparkspeople. I have a 6 week old. I do not breast feed instead I pump. He moves around to much even when he drinks his bottle.... Im not sure the proper calories to eat.. i eat a little more than what sparkspeople tells me..

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
12/3/10 9:09 A

So good to hear there is a team for this...

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12/2/10 10:48 A

I've heard most people don't like the babyfit because of lack of activity. When I was nursing I was part of the sparkteam Breastfeeding Moms it's the one with the blue and white icon of a woman nursing. I highly recommend that team it's fairly active and provides lots of resources including links to websites that have calorie calculators for nursing moms. Good luck with the nursing, I continued until my daughter was 12 months old.

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12/1/10 9:27 P

It doesn't take into account exercise in calculating calorie needs if I had followed the calorie range while breastfeeding and working out 7 days a week, I would have starved to death very quickly.

I found it easier to eat 500 calories in addition to my normal Spark range.

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MRS.DR.SHOT Posts: 197
12/1/10 5:03 P

When I was active on SparkPeople (before I got pregnant again) I thought I saw a section that was just for nursing moms. I'v looked everywhere and can't find it now. Maybe I was dreaming? ALSO does anyone know if there is a team/thread for older moms? Lots of moms in their 20's, but I'm not exactly in that category any more :) Thanks!

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