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8/8/13 3:30 P

Cool, I can't afford any more food than I am already buying so that part won't be a problem.

8/8/13 11:36 A

It sure can count as part of your fitness minutes.
However...if you find that your calorie range is getting larger, be careful!
You need to experiment and find the range that brings about your desired weekly weight loss (1-2 pounds weekly). Often when folks factor in all movement...they end up eating too much and it puts them out of weight loss range.

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8/8/13 10:53 A

Ah alright, I do take my weight at various times of the day as I'm fairly forgetful.

A couple of similar questions: with the consistent walking at work (8-12 miles, 4x a week and 16-24 miles once a week) and frequent gardening duties (say 5x a week) does that bump me up a fitness catagory or does it stay as moderate? If I do it that often does it count towards my spark fitness minutes?

8/8/13 7:34 A

I know for a fact you did not gain 8 pounds of fat in 1 day.
I agree with you that it could be related to the water you consumed throughout the day, and if you ate a higher amount of salty foods--you may be retaining some fluid especially with working outside in the heat.

Do take your weight at the same time of the day, on the same scale, same amount of clothing, etc. I usually suggest in the morning, after urination.

Stay to your current course. I imagine 1900-2200 calories most days is appropriate. As you do "get smaller" there will be a need to drop calories more. You may need to lower to 1700-2000 in the near future.

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8/7/13 10:19 P

Height: 6'
Weight: 223
Starting Weight: 240
I've been losing weight steadily since late April so about 14 weeks
Average daily calorie intake: ~2,200
Average calories burned: If the calculator is right I burn about 1,500 on days that I work, about 500 or so on days that I don't, but days off vary a lot some days I'm outside working and the calc has me at about 1,000 calories and other days the most I move is to the kitchen and back so I just rest all day. Today was at about 1,800 because of all the digging.

Sudden in the past week I've gained 8 pounds (Was at 215), though the water might very well be it as I hadn't realized it was so heavy. Today was hot and I was out during the heat of the day so I put down about a gallon of water over the coarse of the 4 hours. Stuffing my face, just get fairly hungry after being in the sun, mostly protein and carbs for the extra meal.

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8/7/13 5:40 P

We definitely need more information. I will say from experience and observation that the human body is incredibly adaptive. If you are significantly undereating then you'll likely still lose weight but simply less than you would predict based on the numbers.

A better way to think of it is adaptive thermogenesis. The body downregulates its caloric expenditure in response to a shortage of energy. When this happens you would still lose weight if your deficit was large enough. However, the bad part about a severely restrictive diet is that it does make it significantly easier to regain the weight on a "normal" amount of calories once the weight goal is reached.

I haven't read the answer by Coach Dean but I will go and do so now. Again, this is my experience and what I've witnessed in my years of fitness enthusiasm.

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8/7/13 5:15 P

Coach Dean gives a really great explanation of Starvation Mode here:

Scroll down to his response. It's not about the amount of calories you eat, and it's a widely misunderstood concept. (I keep petitioning to have this post made into an expert answer. Maybe if more people ask for it? *hinthint* ;))

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8/7/13 5:01 P

There is no starvation level of calories. There's a starvation level of nutrients. The way calories come into play is that it's impossible to get nutrients without food, and the minimum amount of food the average young adult male would need to get those nutrients would probably have 1700+ calories.

People don't gain weight from eating too little. That's a myth. Under certain circumstances, people who eat too little and are therefore undernourished will maintain their weight for a long time, but not gain. And even that effect takes a while to start.

Explain what you mean by "sudden gain of weight." It sounds like you're talking about something that happened over the span of a day-- is that right? Remember that food has weight unrelated to its calorie content. If you get on the scale after eating something, it's the same as getting on the scale holding that food in your hand. The weight of the food is added to yours because you're holding it, but it's not part of your body.

In your case, If you've suddenly started gardening, I'm betting that you also drank a lot of water. (At least I hope you did!) Water is very heavy, but has zero calories. "A pint's a pound the world around"-- every two cups of water weighs one pound. If you get on the scale after drinking a liter of water, the scale will show an extra two pounds, but that's just from the water you're holding. As soon as it works its way through you, your weight will return to normal, just the way it would if you got on the scale with a water bottle in your hand and then set it down on the counter.

Now, that doesn't mean that 1700 calories is enough. If you're walking 12 miles and doing 4 hours of yard work, you'll need to eat more or you'll start to feel sick. But it's not going to cause weight gain.

8/7/13 4:50 P

Starvation Mode with weight loss is "so" over-used and mis-understood.

Hard to give you more info without knowing more about your situation:
starting weight?
how many weeks have you been actively losing weight?
average daily calorie intake?
average calories burned through physical activity?
What do you mean by sudden weight gain? Stuffing your face???

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8/7/13 4:28 P

Like for a guy my size I've read it sits around 1700 calories. Is it always going to be 1700 calories even if I were to say spend 4 hours in the yard digging, lifting, weeding and then go to work and walk 12 miles like I usually do or will my body require that I have to get more before it starts stuffing it away?

I ask because my meds kill my appetite but I try to eat, but have been extremely active lately with gardening (can go back to planting stuff!), landscaping, and work so the sudden gain of weight has me a touch concerned. I'm hoping its because I've stuffed my face today and have yet to release any of it, but I'm kinda concerned.

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