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1/13/12 8:19 A

My friend wore her heartrate monitor and said she burned 500 calories pretty quickly shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. I use a phone app that uses your normal daily activity level to figure out your calorie goal. If I put that I was light to moderate in daily physical activity, I would think scraping my car once or twice would be included and not counted as extra exercise. If I put "sedentary" then scraping the car would be extra on top of my normal day.

1/15/11 9:37 A

It has to help some, but you can burn some major calories shoveling snow when you get home.

1/15/11 8:05 A

maybe if you dance while doing it emoticon

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
1/15/11 1:33 A

Put a little "body English" in the scraping.Do a few wiggles and dance steps.Have fun while you are scraping the ice.

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1/14/11 4:29 P

well, i started this message. it may not be major exercise, but it sure makes me stretch alot and gets my heart pumping

1/12/11 7:21 A

too bad it is not enough to count

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1/11/11 11:02 P

While you may be using muscles to scrape that ice off your car and perhaps you can feel the burn, according to the Spark Quiz I recently took, not everything we do counts as exercise, even if it does get our heart rate going some.

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1/11/11 10:39 P

Or perhaps the 5 inches of snow I brushed off my car last night so I could get home!

MAYABLUE Posts: 98
1/11/11 10:17 P

It burns something, I would get regular exercise too though

LORISEVERANCE SparkPoints: (36,920)
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1/11/11 10:00 P

are you kidding me?

ECONLADY Posts: 5,846
1/11/11 6:45 P

For me no, since I don't have snow or ice where I live, but in general yes!

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1/11/11 1:00 P

I think that snow/ice removal can count

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/11/11 12:47 P

It certainly is activity! Here is an article to help you decide if it is more than that for you.

Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise
An In-Depth Look

Coach Tanya

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1/11/11 9:41 A

I've scraped my car windows 5 times in the last 12 hours.

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