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ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
2/7/10 8:59 A

Here is the easy solution....
For $10 you can buy a Misto at Bed Bath and Beyond, it is a bottle that you pour your own extra virgin olive oil into then pump it up and it sprays out just like Pam but without the chemicals.
Also once you buy it you have it for life so you are no longer throwing away those empty Pam cans
Enjoy :)

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,791
2/7/10 7:52 A

I agree with WUFNU99.... nothing to worry about.

WUFNU99 Posts: 169
2/7/10 3:11 A

I wouldn't worry about it too much; the propellant is usually just a saturated liquid/gas mixture. It evaporates in lower pressure so after it has come out of the can, the propellant has completely turned into a gas. The propellant propane is water soluble, which means it will not mix with the oil. The other propellant, isobutane, might be oil soluble (it simply said it wasn't soluble in water) however it's boiling point is well below freezing, which means there will be pretty much zero in the oil. If there were gases in the oil, they would quickly be expelled by the oil droplet :)

Both are safe, especially in such small amounts. From OSHA, for isobutane:

Notes: 1) OSHA does not have a PEL for isobutane, which is affirmed as "generally recognized as safe" as a direct human food ingredient (21 CFR 184.1165). No toxic effects reported below 18,000 ppm. 2) Gas/air mixtures are explosive. 3) Metabolized in the body to tert-butyl alcohol."

Long story short: nothing to worry about.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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2/7/10 1:00 A

No way I would use that.

I used to, but as I began eating healthier, some things just tasted toxic - and those cooking sprays are one of them.

It's easy enough to lightly coat something in oil or butter, or to get a pump sprayer so you can use just and only olive oil instead of all kinds of other chemicals.

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2/7/10 12:25 A

I've read several people's messages that suggest using PAM cooking spray directly on your food. Could that be harmful since it has propellant in it?

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