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6/28/13 9:46 A

Hi, I get what you are saying! I have small goals since my 80 pound total goal is a lot to "manage" I am almost halfway there at 38 pounds and my goal is under 200 by the fourth but not sure if my body will get there, if it doesn't it will be soon enough, I wanted freedom from the 200s for independence day, just a mental goal I set for myself but I have to be careful that if I don't meet my mental goal I get upset with myself because heck, 40 pounds is a lot and I am feeling great, I have not set a goal goal yet, have an idea, it is 165 which is highest number I think for my height considered bmi normal but yet I weigh 202 and fit in a size 14 (although sizes are different wherever you shop) but have gone from atight 18 to a 14 (although I am sure not from china size 14 if you know what I mean) but anyhow I feel like I look more "normal" and not obese at this weight but of course overweight but maybe it is just my mind saying that and I do look obese as the charts would have me say, in any case I feel great and can look in the mirror now and appreciate my transformation and can actually see some ribs now, have bumps on my waist that are ribs, wow! so I will head down to the 165 range but have been at 145 before and it was wonderful but hard to sustain and keep there I feel my body is good at 165 without exercising excessively to maintain but bodies change as time goes on so I am going to see. Those darn charts are really hard to manage and we all want to fit into that chart but I say let's measure ourselves by how we feel and go from there! I am glad we all feel the same way on this and that's why I love spark, we are not alone, we all struggle with the same issues and it is nice to know we have support here whenever we need it! Thanks for sharing and congrats on all your success!!!!! Keep it up!!! Have you done measurements, I love doing that too :)

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6/28/13 8:22 A

My mom just read a research study that suggested people in the higher normal weight BMI or even in slightly overweight were healthier and got sick less. Maybe adding extra muscle has something to do with that?

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6/27/13 10:07 P

Thank you for this post! I was kind of wondering the same too, about what my goal weight should be. I like all the advice here, especially Kiwi's. I think I'll focus more on how I feel and look (that is, looking healthy and not overweight/gaunt) once I reach that point.

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6/26/13 11:32 P

Instead of a goal weight, why not pick a goal body fat percentage? That would be more indicative of your health and fitness level.

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6/26/13 11:28 P

Thank you very much for the advice, ladies! I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some input. You've said a lot of very helpful things that I will keep in mind as I continue on.

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I am just a smidgen taller than you. Check out my weight ticker! My Dr wanted me to stop a couple kg ago (about 4.4lb) even tho' my BMI is slightly over 25. People were starting to comment that I was starting to look a bit gaunt.

When I first started losing weight, my Dietitian wanted me to get to 72kg (158lb) then shifted the goal post a little. I thought she was crazy, and decided then and there I wasn't going to aim for a particular no. but rather would lose what excess weight I could. That way I didn't put pressure on myself which causes some people to beat themselves up, over, if they don't reach it. I also never set myself a particular date to do it in. Also a reason some people beat themselves up if they don't reach it.

It took me 16 months to lose 22.5kg (50lb), and I happily sat there for a full year before deciding to move on down again. For me, this worked beautifully. It gave me a chance to enjoy my 'new me' without feeling pressure. It also gave me a chance to enjoy my new clothes before having to buy more - I am on a very tight budget!! I also never told people I had a 'goal weight' but rather just said I was losing weight. That way I wouldn't suffer embarrassment if I didn't reach it :-)


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6/26/13 1:32 P


I'm about your height and my weight is generally stable in the 145-150 range. We're all different. there isn't a one size fits all. that's why these charts have weight "ranges". If you're small frame, you might be more comfortable at the lower end goal weight. If you're very athletic, you might want to be towards the higher end. 130-135 may be right and it may be too low too.

I've found that many women do tend to pick a goal weight that isn't sustainable. that's the big thing about losing weight. At some point, you have to know when to stop. For now, see what your body does. if it seems to settle at a particular weight, that's not a bad thing.

Let your body guide you.

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You will know when you get there. I'm just an inch taller than you, but because of my bone structure, my doctor told me not to go below 175. So I will not be aiming for my normal BMI range because it's not healthy for me.

Because of things like that, I wouldn't focus on the number but the way clothes fit and the way you look when you look in the mirror (keeping in mind that we are our worst critics!). You've given yourself a realistic number that is in your healthy range. Try it out for a while and see how you like it!

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6/26/13 12:40 P

I know this sounds like a funny question for a panic button topic. But I'm really wondering/worrying if I set my goal weight too high. I'm 5'5" tall. I'm 31 years old. My starting weight when I got serious about getting in shape was 180 (although three years ago I was at 189.) When I chose my goal weight, I chose 140 because it was near the higher end of the healthy range for BMI. My goal is to be healthy, not to be a particular size or number. That being said, I know that weight among many other things, is tied to health. I was looking at a BMI chart today and I see the healthy range for my height is 115-150. Should I be aiming for more like 130-135. At a heavier weight, I know five pounds doesn't seem to make as much difference but as I get closer I guess my concern is I just really want to know when I should make the transition from a focus to weight loss to a focus on weight maintenance. If you are looking at my ticker, I know I still have a ways to go before I get there, but I just was hoping for some feedback, especially from experienced sparkers on how to sort of choose a good goal weight and know when to switch into maintenance mode. I don't want to be too hard on my body or get to thin, but I also don't want to say I reached goal and flip into maintenance when it might be better to keep going. Please share your thoughts with me. Also, I do focus on many non-scale victories as well (like having more energy, being able to do more activities, being off blood pressure medication, having smaller clothes, etc.). I would appreciate your feedback!

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