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12/22/12 9:02 P

The doctor did tell me I was in the first stages of insulin-resistance. My blood sugar was pretty high in the mornings last January, and the highest number I recorded was 126, which a few online sources said fell within the diagnostic range for diabetes (when FBG is higher than 125).
Turns out I wasn't diabetic, but it was obvious I needed to lose weight and exercise or risk becoming diabetic. The words "pre-diabetic" on my chart would scare me too.

I have no family history of diabetes. There's no hereditary reason why my pancreas should be at risk. The idea of ruining an internal organ through sheer laziness and bad eating habits was frightening enough to set me straight.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
12/22/12 7:39 P

I just had my own tested with a professional; it was 99 and no one gave me any cause for concern. If there was an area of concern I think they'd put a cap on the number like you want it to be between 60-100.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/22/12 12:20 P

Did your doctor say you were in the first stages of insulin resistance? My doctor has never said that to me, but I did notice that he put 'pre-diabetic' on my chart. My fasting blood sugar had been slowly rising over the years, and that might have been a tip-off; also, the facts that I am getting older (fasting blood sugar tends to rise slowly with age) and I'm fat.

So, imagine my surprise when my blood sugar was actually lower this year than ever. And all my lipids results better. Just goes to show that things can change - I very consistently followed a diet very heavy on carbs this year and I was afraid to see the results, judging from what I've read online, mainly in low-carb boards!

That's not to say that next year, I might not be back in the weeds, but reading online stuff had me about as frightened as whatever my doctor wrote on my chart. I'm taking it all with a grain of salt these days.

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12/21/12 2:59 P

If I hadn't gone to an online source to check where normal blood sugar numbers are supposed to be, I wouldn't have known I was insulin-resistant a year ago. I tested my blood sugar with a free glucose meter that had been given to me and went online and realized my numbers weren't where they needed to be. I did kind of panic -- by the time I got in to see my doctor I was convinced I was a full-blown diabetic. Turns out I wasn't, but my blood sugar was too high and I was in the beginning stages of insulin-resistance. So I think online references can be helpful.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/21/12 1:49 P

I never ever ever ever go to the sources on-line to diagnose anything. I don't even come to these boards first because honestly, they are just going to send me to my doctor in the first place. I do not have a medical degree and do not want one.
My HDL is about 45 and right in the middle according to my doctor where is should be. I will see what March brings around when i go for my yearly blood test.

BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,674
12/21/12 12:55 P

Generally you want your HDL to be high. Your numbers in general are great so I wouldn't worry about it. I am sure your doctor will say something when you see him.

SONICB Posts: 4,377
12/21/12 12:29 P

I'm glad to hear that you will talk to your doctor about this. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. After my last bloodwork, my doctor wrote a note saying "Your HDL is on the high side--which is great." I really appreciated the clarification from her.

12/21/12 12:00 P

Thanks all. I know a high HDL number is generally good, but I checked online and a very high HDL level can mean that the particles are dysfunctional and potentially proatherogenic, and to test for that you need an expanded lipid profile . One online reference said levels above 85 are too high, but other sites say the higher the better, so it's confusing.

I have been known to go online and scare the bejesus out of myself, so I agree, I'll have to check with the doctor. :)

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/21/12 11:24 A

I just checked the sheet that has my own chem results, to see the ranges. The HDL is at the high end, but still within normal limits. 23-92 mg/Dl is what my sheet says is normal. I agree that you should ask your doctor - looking at this stuff and explaining it is what doctors do well!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
12/21/12 9:10 A

leave a message with your doc. say that you had the test, these are your results, and if you need to come in and see the doc, what can you do in the weeks between now and the appointment that would help the doc help you.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,969
12/21/12 8:56 A

You want your HDL to be high. That's a good thing.

12/21/12 8:26 A

The hospital where I work offers employees a free blood screening every year. The results are mailed to your home with the barest minimum of context for understanding them. Generally my chemistry results were great:

cholesterol 162
triglyceride 33
HDL 89
LDL 66

But there is a little H next to the HDL that indicates "HIGH" and the cover sheet said "Results within expected range, except cholesterol and/or Lipid levels." I can't get in to see my doctor for a few weeks, so I'm left to try to interpret this on my own. I'm not even sure if I need to see my doctor about it. Is my HDL too high?

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