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2/24/13 8:56 A

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2/24/13 8:55 A

If not, I'm not sure what I'm doing here. But you have a point. We want to lose weight to able to accomplish other goals.

A Few of My Goals:
~To be more active with my kids
~Be a good example for them as well
~Prevent Diabetes
~Eat healthier, practice moderation
~Wear pants (& clothes in general) that fit comfortably
~Feel comfortable in my own skin

But, the weight loss comes first. So yeah, it's one of my goals.

If you're stuck, maybe you can try to change your calorie intake. It looks like you've come a long way since 505 lbs, great work btw!! Try talking to your doctor for advice.

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2/23/13 11:34 A

1. Personal and priviate, but my most important goal

2. Putting my socks and shoes on, without major difficulties.

3. Sit in public again, like a booth, theater seating, airline seat...etc

4. Eating more Veggies, and at least 1 type of Salad, (like spinach leaves w/chicken )

5. Walk , walk and walk some more

6. Water, water and more water, min. 100oz a day, (much harder than I thought)

7. 1st weight goal , get under 400lbs, (still 15-19lbs away)
But been stuck there for over 7 weeks

Just a few

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