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9/9/11 3:30 P

I found raw peanuts at my local Hannaford - Hampton Farms brand (green & clear bag). I found that, at first, I didn't like the taste (I LOVE SALT!!!), but the more I ate them, the more I loved them. I tried roasted/salted ones again recently and they tasted like bad peanut butter to me. I've been eating them for a month & a half now... gone through 3-4 bags (i eat 1/2-1 cup every late morning as a protein/fat snack @ work)... and I have had no ill effects. I love them dearly... hate when I run out of them!!!

8/14/11 2:16 A

Peanuts have a very low amount of anything toxic in them, much too low for it to affect our bodies. It's the leaves of the plant the peanuts grow on that really hold the unsafe toxins but unless you eat those you have nothing to worry about. Raw peanuts are perfectly fine.

CAMISSA Posts: 1
8/3/11 1:16 P

i love raw peanuts. I had the same question today. I bought a bag and it stated that they should not be consumed raw. I like the taste just the way they are.

JWALLD Posts: 514
12/24/10 10:24 A

Totally safe. But as most others said, probably not as tasty, and high in calories.

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12/24/10 2:00 A

Raw nuts of any type are okay to eat.. Catch 29 is most people dislike their taste natural and raw.. Many people are attracted to the salt, if given a raw nut they pass it up as not eatable..
It takes longer to chew and is not crunchy.. I used to eat them raw as my dad grew them, I love raw peanuts they are hard to find still in their shells out of season..

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ANARIE Posts: 13,174
12/22/10 6:27 P

You might be thinking of raw cashews. Truly raw cashews are toxic (but the ones sold as "raw" in stores are actually steamed and are safe.)

TABU077 Posts: 636
12/21/10 10:48 A

Raw peanuts don't make the tastiest peanut butter, but yes, you can eat them raw :-)

FANGLE Posts: 1,821
12/21/10 10:47 A

It is fine to eat them raw. Just make sure you are not eating too many because they are very high in fat. Good fat, but still overindulgence can lead to problems.

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12/21/10 9:18 A

Yes, it is totally safe to eat them. They tend to be a little bland without roasting, but still perfectly safe.

I emoticon nuts!

DAHEMMI Posts: 225
12/21/10 8:02 A

I know this is a very specific question, but as i'm always looking to incorporate more protein into my diet, I've turned to nuts. I have always believed raw peanuts were toxic, and they needed to be roasted before eating. But after picking up a bag of peanuts a few weeks back from my local farmers market which hadn't been marked as raw, and turning them into home made peanut butter- and suffering no ill affects, I'm curious as to whether it would be safe to do so again. Or did I just got lucky. does anyone know?

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