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12/21/12 9:22 P


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12/20/12 5:47 A

eating less than 1000 calories doesn't indicate a metabolism problem, but eating like that long term will give you metabolism problems. You have to eat adequate calories to lose weight.

MARXELLA Posts: 106
12/19/12 10:55 P

Okay, yes, looking back at this weeks journal, I realized this isn't the best choice. I'm not getting enough nutrients in one meal, and I'm now aware that pounding down the protein and fat all in one meal isn't advised. So I've decided to up my frequency. But I do find it odd that while I was on my one day a day diet and under 1000 calories, I wasn't losing any weight. Does that indicate I have metabolism of a sedated slug? Sure feels like it.

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12/19/12 10:16 P

I guess the only thing I would investigate is whether or not you are getting adequate nutrition. Only you know your body and what it does best with.

-- A lot of times cravings get ramped up with poor diet choices. It can be a roller coaster ride that is not particularly beneficial on many levels.

-- Keep a food diary and note other things as well (such as mood, quality of sleep, weather outside, stress level, etc.) Many things contribute to our choices with food.
Good luck in your journey! emoticon

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12/19/12 6:16 P


Going from 3 meals a day to 2 meals only changes the gap between meals from an average of 8 hours to 12 hours. Given fats and proteins take between 5 and 8 hours to fully digest, this doesn't leave a huge gap 'uncovered'.

But shifting from 2 meals to 1 meal a day increases the gap between meals from 12 to 24 hours, which is far more significant.

I don't mean to diss paleo, or your personal experience. Just that extrapolating your experience to then saying 'eating once per day is OK' .... is not OK.


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12/19/12 9:13 A

I only eat twice a day - at about 1-2 p.m. and 8-9 p.m. I eat in a paleo/primal fashion and feel great. I just achieved my first 40 lb. weight loss goal in about 22 weeks and have no interest in going back to eating multiple times a day. I would say that if eating just once a day works for you and you are progressing in your goals keep it up!

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12/18/12 8:47 A

I eat more calories on Atkins( around 2,600 ), but mostly because I eat 65% fat. I eat 3 meals, and a snack:

B: 8 A.M.
L: 2 P.M.
sn : 6 P.M.
D: midnight

I think what is most important is that you try to make your meals around the same size, and split up the carbs you do eat in those meals evenly. Sure you won't feel hunger most of the time, and definitely no cravings or a need to binge, but your body does need certain nutrients. If you get low on these because you are skipping meals, I find I all of a sudden need a huge bowl of vegetables, or an extra lb of ground beef with cheese. I think it is your body just saying it needs the calcium, or B vitamins in the cheese, or veggies, but you usually go over in calories, and may go over in carbs, which CAN cause a binge.

I would pre- plan your menu, and get it all figured out, and then eat it. Only if you are stuffed should you not eat a meal. I find that by having high calorie foods like macadamia nuts, or cheese, along with meat, and vegetables, that I get a lot of calories, and nutrients in a small volume of food. Olive oil helps me reach my range too, and makes my dishes taste even better.

I would suggest you eat at least the 3 meals, and don't worry about late eating. It is a myth. I eat at midnight every day. I think it is worse to starve your body from a dinner at 7 p.m., till breakfast 12 hours later. It makes no sense to eat 3-5 meals in 12 hours, then starve it for the next 12. That may be 2 meals and a snack also. Snacks are great because you don't have to cook. So if you aren't feeling hungry, it'll be waiting there tomorrow.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
12/18/12 2:28 A

I think there is a definite plus to cutting down on simple and refined carbs. Simple carbs (sugars, refined grains, etc) are digested in as little as 20 minutes, which can lead to a rapid spike, and then subsequent crash, in blood sugars. This crash can leave your body craving more carbs, and to binge eating. Complex carbs (fruit, vegetables, whole grains) take much longer to digest, and don't lead to the same spike and crash effect.


MARXELLA Posts: 106
12/18/12 1:30 A

Great posts everyone. Very informative. I thought that this was an ok thing to do, because I truly wasn't hungry. Another good thing on this plan. Because I've alway been a serious 'binger'. And also I thought this would power housing my way into weight loss, but to be honest, I haven't seen anything significant so far. I will try to eat more throughout the day. Low carb isn't for everyone, but for me, its the only I've been able to control my food addictions. And really, everyone is quick to jump on the new fad diets, however, if it does work, and I stop losing the sugar a preservatives what harm is that compared to being overweight pounding down food til by stomach feels like exploding. Sorry for the rant, back on topic: I will divide it up and see if that boosts my metabolism. Thanks everyone for their insight, def taking it to heart and practice.

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12/16/12 3:26 P

I was watching this special and Sumo wrestlers only eat at night. This is why they have the fat around their belly. Eating breakfast is a great way to boost your metabolism.

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12/16/12 3:20 P

The only people I know of who have had success with something like that are body builders who are doing intermittent fasting. They use it to build muscle while putting on less fat than a traditional bulking eating plan.

They'll have a snack of carbs and protein about an hour before they lift. And then they lift very, very intensely, followed by a huge re-feeding window of two hours afterward where they'll eat a ton, and very high protein. Then they stop and let the fasting begin again until their training window starts, so about 16-18 hours.

That's the only knowledge I have about the one meal thing, and that's just so that all of the food they eat is when the body is primed from a heavy lifting session to use up all those carbs and protein that are available.

I would suggest to you to try and find something else that works for your eating, and with only eating dinner, are you eating at least 1,200 calories in that meal? If you aren't doing that than there could be quite a few problems. Even if you are hitting your daily calorie, protein, and fat goals the dinner only thing isn't the best way.

No, you don't have to do the 5 mini-meal thing, but I would strongly suggest at least two, if not the traditional 3. If you don't need snacks that is perfectly fine.

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12/16/12 1:27 A

There is no difference between eating late at night versus any other time of day.

Carbs are the preferred source of fuel for the brain (the largest calore burning organ in the body), although it can in a pinch run on protein. While the muscles can run on fat, the brain cannot.

As Coach Nancy pointed out, protein can't really be stored, so if you are only eating once a day and a low-carb diet at that, you are forcing your body to cannibalize the muscles for fuel to run the brain on for at least part of the day. Muscles burn calories even at rest, and over time this lost muscle can slow down your metabolism, and make longer term weight loss harder.

(Not hating on Atkins - more the combination of low-carb AND infrequent meals.).


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12/15/12 11:38 P


While many people eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day, it's not for everyone. However, it would be next to impossible to meet your calorie and nutrient requirements just eating one meal a day. Your body can metabolize only so much protein at one time (between 30-42 grams) before the excess is stored as fat. And because protein cannot be stored, it is important to get in several servings scattered throughout the day.

Another issue is the effect eating infrequently can play on your hormones (insulin, ghrelin, leptin and cortisol just to name of few) and how this may ultimately lead to a greater percentage of lean body mass loss.

And while we are an experiment of one, food is fuel for your body and if your body does not get enough, eventually your body may begin to show the effects of not eating enough.

Coach Nancy

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,790
12/15/12 11:34 P

I think three times a day is a minimum... I prefer 5!

I could not eat all my calories in one sitting.

MARXELLA Posts: 106
12/15/12 11:05 P

Now that I am controlling hunger on Atkins, please no Atkin haters, my appetite has dropped considerably. Do you think I'm doing myself harm by eating once at night between 5 and 7? I'm not hunger or lethargic during the day. And whats everyone's thoughts on eating late at night, does that really add weight?

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