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SONICB Posts: 4,378
7/13/13 3:57 P

Most definitely... Sometimes my fingers swell when I am retaining water too (even if my weight hasn't budged by much) to the point where some rings won't fit when they used to! This happens when it suddenly gets really hot out or I've been eating out too much.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (267,415)
Fitness Minutes: (101,276)
Posts: 11,632
7/13/13 2:48 P

Yes!! I even dropped half a shoe size one time when I lost 40 pounds!!!!

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (192,359)
Fitness Minutes: (80,252)
Posts: 9,265
7/13/13 2:14 P

Yes, my wedding band is too big for my thumb now!

MMINITEACH SparkPoints: (20,231)
Fitness Minutes: (17,190)
Posts: 925
7/13/13 11:45 A

I lost about 20-25 pounds and had my rings falling off! I didn't know about those ring snuggie things at all! I was so worried that I went and got them sized down. Then a had a baby and my fingers got bigger and the rings are too tight now! Hilarious!!

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
Fitness Minutes: (31,253)
Posts: 867
7/13/13 11:27 A

Absolutely! At my highest weight, my wedding and engagement rings were very tight (like, it was a real struggle to get them on or off). When I started losing, I took them off to clean them and made it a goal that I could put them back on when I had lost 20 lbs. They were much looser at that point. When I was down 50 lbs, I got sizing beads put on my engagement ring because it was spinning so much from being so loose. (I didn't want to get it totally sized because of the style of the band.) Now that I'm down 70 lbs, it's spinning a bit again, so I might need to get the sizing beads redone.

I second the suggestion to get ring snuggies to put on yours until you've reached your goal weight (or close to it), so they'll fit more securely without having to deal with resizing more than once.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/13/13 10:58 A

Go to an intermediate-price jewelry store or craft store and ask for "Ring Snuggies." They're little clear vinyl tubes with on side cut that you wrap around the ring so you won't lose it while waiting to re-size. There's a package sitting here, and it says $1.97 for 6-- a pretty great investment if it stops you from losing even one ring.

My mom lost her wedding set when she had lost weight 35 years ago. She *still* goes out and looks for it once a year or so in the field where she thinks it happened.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/13/13 8:39 A

anywhere you've accumulated fat can reduce when you're losing.

I found my rings fit again, which is great.

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,585)
Fitness Minutes: (26,215)
Posts: 3,395
7/11/13 3:16 A

Congrats on your weight loss! And yes, your fingers can get smaller. I have a beautiful ring that I am hoping to fit into again. One of my best motivators.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/11/13 1:12 A

Not only do you have fat in your fingers, but if you are storing water weight, it will be in the hands and feet.

When I started at 361, I could not interlace my fingers. They were like sausages.

Congrats on the 7 lb loss. Keep it up. You can always refit the ring, since if you get healthier, you will need it for an extra few years.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
7/11/13 12:45 A

Of course it is! Your fingers can store fat like any part of your body. Granted, it tends to be more about fluid retention for most of us, though. I didn't wear my wedding ring for about 4 years, much to my husband's dismay.

After losing 20 lbs, I can now wear it.

Now, naturally you can't *deliberately* lose weight there, but fat loss is a total-body process... and your fingers are a part of your body!

Edited by: DRAGONCHILDE at: 7/11/2013 (00:46)
7/10/13 11:56 P

Yes. I haven't worn a wedding ring in years, since my highest weight. Now my other rings are starting to get loose.

DANCEMOM1970 SparkPoints: (44,190)
Fitness Minutes: (70,772)
Posts: 185
7/10/13 11:26 P

Yup. I like my rings relatively tight so I never have to worry about them falling off. Now after just over 90 lbs lost they are loose enough to come very close to falling off. But, I've got a ways to go yet so I'm going to wait until I'm closer to goal to get them resized.

I've also lost shoe sizes. No longer buying 9W but wearing mostly 7.5 or 8 regular. I find that hilarious that the shoe size changes that much!

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
7/10/13 11:09 P

indeed - none of my rings fit now, they are all too big

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (202,945)
Fitness Minutes: (89,960)
Posts: 2,689
7/10/13 11:04 P

Yes, my fingers totally shrunk, and they were actually about the only part of me that was *not* very large when I started. But they still shrunk so much that one day when I was rehearsing an oral argument in front of a group of colleagues (I'm a lawyer), I made an expressive hand gesture and my wedding set actually flew right off my finger and accross the room. (Glad that did NOT happen in front of the real Court of Appeals.) That was about the time I realized it was time to resize. :)

I also eventually had to get all new shoes (feet are no longer wide, and a half size smaller), but based on your signature block, you probably won't see anything that dramatic there. I didn't notice much of a change in my shoe size until I'd lost over 50 pounds. (And when you think about it, it makes sense that losing -- or gaining! --that much weight could change the size of your feet.) The rings however started to get loose pretty early on... maybe 10 pounds down or so.

KPMP1992 Posts: 56
7/10/13 10:55 P

Thanks! I think I should probably maintain for a while before getting it resized. ;)

I love Weight Watchers! I'm 42 (43 tomorrow), and have tried a few different online tracking sites over the last few months, and none of them worked for me (didn't lose an ounce). I was beginning to think it was the whole "over 40, metabolism slows way down", but then, I see a lot of people older than me that are very fit, so....

I figured I would give WW a try. Down 7 lbs. since June 11th! I am losing just over a pound a week, which is what WW recommends (1-2 lbs/week). I am thrilled with this program. No more counting calories, only points! I actually enjoy it and sometimes look at it as a game. :-D

I'd be happy to answer any other questions anyone may have (and I promise I am NOT a spokesperson for WW....just someone who is excited to have finally found something that works)!!! Woo Hoo!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/10/13 10:45 P


Also in the feet.

These are the fun side-benefits of weight loss :)

NSMANN Posts: 977
7/10/13 10:44 P

Congrats on your success with weight watchers! Have you been doing any exercising? Just curious about your program and what works for you. Yes you can lose weight in your fingers. Get it resized!

KPMP1992 Posts: 56
7/10/13 10:42 P

I started Weight Watchers a month ago tomorrow, and have dropped 7 lbs. In the last week, my wedding ring is very loose. Is it possible to lose weight in the fingers??

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