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TCANNO SparkPoints: (338,138)
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2/7/13 4:38 A

Yes as I did early on (1Kilo) a week

YMUNDERWOOD SparkPoints: (367,325)
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2/7/13 12:49 A

yes it is

LASKIE2 SparkPoints: (68,537)
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2/6/13 11:01 P


DJ9ERS SparkPoints: (25,132)
Fitness Minutes: (8,731)
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2/6/13 10:32 P

Some weeks yes and some weeks not quite. Cardio and a good diet

BELLYDANCER19 SparkPoints: (19,358)
Fitness Minutes: (26,141)
Posts: 111
2/6/13 9:52 A

it is possible but that doesn't mean it is easy....

SWIMOM Posts: 366
2/6/13 7:41 A

Some weeks yes, and some no. Last week I lost very little and this week, 2 pounds without changing a thing. I do find cardio is the answer for me in staying at a steady 1.40 average loss per week. since October. 30-40 minutes a day with a few strength reps thrown in for good measure. Since I have so much muscle already it seems to be all about cardio....Keep up the effort and good things will happen over time :)

PS: my weight goal is a bit much for my build but I like the visual challenge :)

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2/6/13 6:41 A


EXPOGIRL50 SparkPoints: (7,094)
Fitness Minutes: (1,975)
Posts: 275
2/3/13 9:56 A

Yes, but requires lots of discipline.

CYND59 Posts: 7,691
2/3/13 9:29 A

I think so. If you are eating healthy and exercising you may even see more weight lose per week than that.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
2/3/13 9:06 A

Here is a link to how to reset your goal, to help you achieve your loss:

However, the closer you get to goal, the harder it is to achieve a consistent two pound a week average. The recommendations are for 1-2 pounds per week. If you are running now, your body will be going through changes, and gaining muscle. I

If the scale isn't budging, you should still be able to see other benefits - like your clothes fitting better or your resting heart rate coming down.

If your clothes are fitting better due to more muscle and less fat, your family may notice a weight loss even if the scale says the same number. Or they may not notice anyway. I had to lose about 15 pounds before anyone started commenting or noticing.

Please don't give the scale too much power over how you feel. It is just a number, and doesn't show everything that is going on.

Congratulations on doing the C25k. I did that program in 2006 when i was first starting at SparkPeople, and I never regretted getting into running.

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ANGI139 SparkPoints: (19,286)
Fitness Minutes: (12,570)
Posts: 3,103
2/2/13 1:38 P

usually I will lose around 3 or 4 pounds 1 week and then 1 or less the next week so you could probably average 2 a week but it would be an average

MOM4TWO1 SparkPoints: (12,073)
Fitness Minutes: (8,049)
Posts: 103
2/2/13 1:31 P

i think yes - but having trouble doing it consistently....

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
Posts: 4,055
2/2/13 1:24 P

yes don't worry if you lose more or less. Your body will tell you. Have a great day

MTNMOMMA3 Posts: 127
2/2/13 8:18 A

Mid March is a big time for me-- I had hoped to lose ten pounds by my March 18 birthday, my mom and sister are coming to help me celebrate (I want them to see me a little thinner!) and my Couch to 5k program will be ending just in time for me to run in a fun race.

There are just six weeks go to, and I want to lose 10 lb. Is this a possibility? I don't want to cut my calories to 1500 only to find that my body is holding on to the fat in response.

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