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6/27/11 9:04 A

Is it possible to get ride of "dowager's hump"

I got rid of mine when I lost weight and adopted consistent exercise/workout routines.
Maybe it helped that I regularly hand in inversion bed.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,027
6/26/11 8:30 P

"He says the "Hump" along with Skin Tags, and even gray hair on the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows are all part of Metabolic Syndrome"

skin tags run in my family, and none of us have metabolic syndrome.

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6/26/11 8:29 P

from a medical term dictionary:
"Dowager's hump: An abnormal outward curvature of the vertebrae of upper back. Compression of the front (anterior) portion of the involved vertebrae leads to forward bending of the spine (kyphosis) and creates a hump at the upper back.

Dowager's hump is due to osteoporosis changes in the thoracic spine. It may affect men or women. Like most osteoporotic changes, it is often preventable."

So it is NOT fat and diet will not change it.

Treatments are listed here:

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6/26/11 4:20 A

Hi everyone, thanks for answering my question.

Jibbie, thanks for the spark goodie! when I saw it I said oh good Lord no, I would break neck! Have you used one of things? Jibbie, I am suspicious of any diet plan that uses meal replacement instead of basic good nutrition. And if he is selling the powder and vitamins I would run, not walk away. He is after money. If you are using the nutrition tracker and are tracking everything you can have confidence that you are still on track and will not regain weight.

I don't think the dowager's hump is made of fat, it is not soft but feels like bone under skin. So I don't see how he can claim to get rid of it with diet or meal replacements.

ButterFly 4411, Thank you, you give me hope. If you have seen improvement with this condition and you have had it since childhood, maybe you will continue to see more gradual improvement. I have stretch bands, also some stretch cords. I would be very interested in which specific exercises you do!

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6/26/11 2:57 A

I'm reading the book "The Ultimate Metabolic Diet" by Scott Rigden, M.D. who has a Weight Loss Clinic in Arizona and does Gastric By Pass Surgery. The book is very helpful in how to lose weight weight when you have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance like most of us have who are over 40.

He says the "Hump" along with Skin Tags, and even gray hair on the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows are all part of Metabolic Syndrome. The Hump will go down when you lose weight and get to a normal size. (I have read of people having liposuction in order to remove theirs.)

I find the book very interesting, although he uses a Medical Protein Powder for two meal replacements and some vitamin supplements. I'm going to try the diet, because I want to NOT regain anything I lose. I'm 61 and I'm determined to do everything to get past Insulin Resistance.

I also find Roby Mitchell, M.D. who is DrFittt on YouTube to be VERY helpful with weight loss. He uses the BOSU ball to help with balance, etc.
His web site is "The Weight is Over" program, and he's helped MANY people with Metabolic Syndrome who couldn't lose weight on other programs.

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6/25/11 10:29 P

I have one, you can get those stretchy bands and at PT they showed me how to help it but its like a bone growth on me as I never could hold my shoulders up as a child or older so I have it for life, it looks awful so I wear shirts that come up high so hopefully no one sees it that bad, I do stand up more straighter now, but afarid its too late for me.

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6/21/11 7:35 P

I don't know but i really doubt it. I know of a few people who have one & I think if it were possible , they would do it

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6/21/11 6:26 P

I caught sight of myself sideways recently and was stunned by how slumped over I am. Standing up straight as I could did not get rid of the hump. It is not soft, like a layer of fat would be. Is it possible to straight my neck with weight loss and exercise?

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