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SLAVALOS Posts: 29
3/24/09 3:56 P

I am 39, only began a regular exercise routine this week and can easily gain 10 lbs in a week. I don't even eat fast food or drink soda, but if I eat a lot of bread, pasta (so, yeah, mainly carbs) & nuts/peanut butter, 10 lb.s is too easy! And yet, take 10 times as long to lose~ No two bodies are alike.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,753
3/21/09 9:47 A

Yes and most is probably water rentention. Try cutting back on your salt intake.

AMYGRINER SparkPoints: (42,050)
Fitness Minutes: (34,702)
Posts: 1,800
3/21/09 9:34 A

yes, a lot of it may be water retention

3/21/09 9:33 A

PS when I gained 5 lb over a weekend I had a lot of salty foods, thus the fluid retention.

Fitness Minutes: (13,190)
Posts: 493
3/21/09 9:33 A

pah. I've done it.

3/21/09 9:33 A

I gained 5 lb over a weekend a few weeks ago. I had eaten a lot more than usual. It really was not 5lb of fat, it was fluid, the extra waste, etc. By the following Friday I had lost 4 of it. So keep doing what you know is right. The counting calories, measuring and logging food is a boring, but it does work. The other thing I do is eat the same foods over again, and then I do not have to think about the calories, etc. Logging the food is easy because you can copy the meal to another day. Don't give up, because you have made so much progress so far. Keep yourself busy with whatever you can and everyone here knows that you will be successful. You need love and support around you, if you do not have that try to find a spark buddy or join a few of the teams that offer support to one another.

NJDIETZ SparkPoints: (69,108)
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Posts: 2,925
3/21/09 8:37 A

I agree. See a doctor. It sounds like a lot of fluid retention.

3/21/09 5:14 A

Thank you everyone for your replies!

Deep down inside I know i can NOT give up, but it is so disheartening!

And to top it all of, up another pound today! I know we shouldnt weigh in everyday, but now i am really freaking out.

224.6 ??????

I am going to make a doctors appointment, because I know something is not right.

Part of it has to be from water weight because my ankles and fingers are swollen this morning, but what could be causing this? I am gaining about a pound a day, eeekkk!

I was just 210 a week ago, my gosh, now i am scared!

I could understand if I was eating extreme amounts of food, but that is not the case, I am doing exercise bike each day, and some toning exercises 3x a week.

It just baffles me, definitely making a Dr app.

My thyroid was checked once before, about 6 months ago, but maybe I should be checked for diabettes, and have them recheck my thyroid.

FATTAMMY4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,005)
Posts: 1,824
3/20/09 7:56 P

I gained 16lbs in one week on vacation

BUBBLES1541 SparkPoints: (53,545)
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Posts: 3,769
3/20/09 7:11 P

I think its possible. Stop stressing about the past and think about the future. Good luck!!

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,292
3/20/09 7:05 P

I just gained 14 pounds in 2 weeks from stress eating. I swear I was eating everything in site and none of it was to healthy.

HONEYGRAMMA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,841)
Posts: 103
3/20/09 5:30 P

First off, good for you to be able to talk about it.

Secondly, when you fell off the wagon, did you eat a lot of salty foods, They do retain water, which will go away after a while.

We all give you hugs (( )) keep hanging in there.

ITSNOTME1 Posts: 355
3/20/09 5:22 P

Ten pounds in a week would be excessive - you would have to eat 35,000 calories above your daily limits to gain that much. I guess in some ways that's possible - but really not likely.

Could your scale be broken or out of adjustment? If its battery operated, need a new battery?

It sounds like you've reached a dreaded plateau. It's no fun - but the easiest way to break through a plateau is to increase your exersise levels. Are you exercising three days a week? Try four or five. Or instead of 30 minutes, go for 40 or even 50. You can also switch it up - if you've been doing the same exercises all this time, you would benefit from trying something new.

65 pounds is amazing and awesome! Don't give up now - get mad and try harder!

SD_CASS Posts: 1,604
3/20/09 5:16 P

I guess that anything is possible, but 10 lbs in a week sounds like a bit much. A lot of factors can contribute to such a fluctuation in the scale. Like you said possible water retention, that time of the month, and maybe weighing in at a different time of the day could cause. irregularities. I also agree that it could be something medical, possibly a thyroid problem.

I know that all seems lost right now but please don't give up! Try not to get overwhelmed by the numbers on the scale and focus on eating right and exercising. Take it one day at a time and I know you can turn things around.

Best of luck!
Cassie emoticon

3/20/09 5:09 P

10lbs in a week sounds excessive. I'd advise going to your doctor to get checked out, make sure you don't have some kind of metabolic thing going on or diabetes.

Time of Month and regular fluid shift usually produces a perceived gain of 3-5lbs, not 10lbs in a week.

Please go to the doc. Just to be safe.

3/20/09 4:59 P

Here's the deal, I lost initially 65 pounds over a year ago. But now it seems I fight for every single ounce. Trying to get under and stay under 200 pounds has been almost impossible.

Now if I can lose 65 pounds, why is it now so hard to lose any more? I am 5'8'' tall, so i know 200 is not a healthy weight!

To top it off, I fell off the wagon this week... ok so I expected to gain a few pounds, but I gained like 10 or 11 pounds!! In a week???

Water retention, maybe. Monthly coming, maybe. But I have never gained this much in a 7 day period.

I am almost to the point of just giving up. I have fought this weight for a year with no success, it seems that once i lost that initial 65, my body is just fighting me tooth and nail!!

One step forward, 3 steps back. I am tired of tracking food, I am tired of reading labels, I am tired of not being able to enjoy life, and always stressing over my diet and exercise routine.

Oh ahhhhh!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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