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7/1/09 8:56 P

I'm hoping that it's just hormonal and I'll wake up two days and find I've dropped those 10 pounds and then some!


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7/1/09 8:49 P

I guarantee you I could gain 10 pounds in 5 days! However, some of it would definitely be pure fat and other would be water retention from all that sodium I'm sure I would have eaten to gain those 10 pounds. Good luck!

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7/1/09 7:27 P

I've actualy gained a pound this week and got a bit discouraged, but could this possibly be because I have just started strength training??


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7/1/09 7:19 P

NO, you should not drink less water. You should eat a lower sodium diet (1500-2000 milligrams daily) with adequate water and fluid intake.

If you continue with this excessive type weight gain, CALL YOUR DOCTOR.
Dietitian Becky

7/1/09 6:25 P

Should I drink less water if I'm just retaining it? I usually drink a few glasses more than the recommended 8 a day.


Losing weight is about having faith in the future.
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7/1/09 6:21 P

3500 calories = 1 lb.

You might have gained a few pounds, but I highly double 10. The rest of the 10 is most likely water retention.

7/1/09 5:49 P

I am using the same scale when I weigh in - but I am not always doing it at the same time of day. I will do that - and record my weight along with my TOM - and I'll probably know exactly when TOM will arrive, simply because the weight won't go away and might even go up.

Thanks everyone - I feel a bit better. Nothing is as discouraging as doing all this work (I spent the better part of today making lunches for the rest of the week - I even missed my sister's Canada Day BBQ because I was making lunches all day, and I didn't want to over eat at the BBQ).

I'm going to throw that lying scale out the window if it doesn't start co-operating!!


Losing weight is about having faith in the future.
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7/1/09 5:38 P

Even with water weight, that's not too likely.

Dumb question, but are you using the same scale for your weights? I know my gym and I are like 3 lbs different. :-)

Also, for kick and grins, try weighing at the same time each day, for a week around your TOM. It's pretty informative and lets some people know that it's not worth weighing in until X days after TOM.

good luck. hope it's just the scale, cause that's the easiest answer. hehe

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7/1/09 5:21 P

No - actually I am working out less. I know I should exercise more but that's the hardest part of this journey for me. I will be walking to and/or from work starting tomorrow (my first day on the job) so that will take care of the cardio. I hate my lying scale!!!


Losing weight is about having faith in the future.
JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
7/1/09 4:43 P

Have you started exercising harder lately? When I exercise more and eat more fiber (salt does it too), more water gets stored in your body. I technically gained 4 lbs this week, but I think it's because I'm working out more and your muscles store some extra water when they're growing.

This spark article explains it better:

Edit: Ps. I don't know if this happens to other people, but a high fiber diet adds an extra pound or two for me"bulk" because it absorbs water. I'm not sure if this is very common, but it's something I noticed....

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7/1/09 4:41 P

Yes, a lot of women gain either right before or during. I can usually count on a couple of pounds but have heard of others gaining 10.

7/1/09 4:38 P

Thanks!!! You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that it's probably my scale and not what I've been eating. I don't feel a size bigger!! I will cut back salt and see if that helps. Do women gain weight at any particular time of their cycle? Could it be hormonal?


Losing weight is about having faith in the future.
IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
7/1/09 4:25 P

I agree, baring some odd medical issue, you would have had to have eaten a ton of food. 10 lbs is usually a clothing size. If your clothes aren't any tighter then your scale has to be wrong.

JENNIFAY3 Posts: 343
7/1/09 4:22 P

it's probably just increased salt intake. There is NO way you ate 35,000 extra calories without knowing it. Go back to your normal routine and it'll settle back to the right weight.

Try to eat low sodium and high fiber the next few days incase you are retaining water (probably the cause of the weight gain)

good luck! and don't stress, just get back into it full force :)

7/1/09 4:19 P

I think my scale is wrong. It says I have gained nearly 10 pounds since last Friday. I don't get it - I know I haven't eaten the best but the vast majority of my meals have been healthy. I was out of town, staying with family last weekend and, as far as I know, I only had one really bad meal (poutine!! French fries, gravy and curd cheese). Since I've been home, the scale keeps going up. One pound of weight gain equals 3500 calories eaten and not spent and I think it's virtually impossible that I've consumed an extra 35,000 calories over the last five days.

Is this common?


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Losing weight is about having faith in the future.
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